You can correct the errors on your computer

Save Money By Fixing Your Computer

Learning how to correct the eventual errorson your computer can save you a lot of money and a world of headaches.

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With the popularity of the personal computer rising everyday, it is important to learn some basic technical computer repair skills which should allow you to correct the errors on your computer. This basic computer knowledge can be very beneficial to your pocketbook and your sanity.

The first time you buy your new computer it runs fast and everything goes smoothly, but over time you will find that errors on your computer slowly increase until you finally notice a change in its overall performance.

The power of present day computer’s is amazing, although these computer’s do have their problems and if you don’t know how to fix the errors on your system when they present themselves it can become very frustrating, not to mention expensive.

Computer’s need regular maintenance and must be updated regularly and if you can not keep up with them, it is inevitable that maintenance problems will finally slow it down to a crawl and eventually cause damage to the operating system. Knowing how to correct the errors on your machine will help you to not only keep up with maintenance tasks but to also keep your computer up and running at top speed.

Learning how to spot and fix errors on your computer can save money

There are a few simple tasks that can be performed to fix computer errors and help prevent them from occurring in the future. These tips will help you fix the errors on your computer as well as problems If the computer’s registry becomes corrupted or unstable. These errors on your computer can have a major impact on the performance of your computer in a very negative way.

You may notice that over time your computer is running extremely slow and your having to wait for programs to open or it takes awhile to switch from web page to web page. This can be the result of a fragmented hard drive.

If you use your computer for work or school, or perhaps only for personal use it can become a major financial impact to have to take it into a computer repair facility for correction of these errors on your computer, but if you can learn how to repair computer errors, if it can be not only an extremely useful experience, but you may find yourself fixing your friends and family members computer’s for a little extra money as well.

Defragment the hard drive on your computer

One of the first steps you should take in efforts to solve your problem would be to run your disk defragmenter. If you do not know what a disk defragmenter is, or where it can be found on your computer, follow these instructions.

Disk Defragmenter (Windows) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Go to your start menu and find “my computer” or “computer” then click on that, locate your “C” drive, place your mouse over the “C” drive and right click, slide down to “properties” and click on that, the first thing you will want to do is to click on “disk cleanup” and allow it to clean the garbage files out of your computer. Once disk cleanup is done, you will then click on the “tools” tab and then “defragment now”. Disk defragmenter will go through your computer’s memory and attempt to compact the disk much as you would pack a suitcase, putting like files together and filling empty spaces. This makes it easier for your computer to find and access your files, thereby speeding up your computer and preventing many of the more common errors

You must have this free program to keep your computer clean

CCleaner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a free program that is called Ccleaner because it cleans your “C” drive, but I refer to it is “crap cleaner” because it does a great job of removing all the old crap from your computer. It also has a very nice registry cleaner which you will need in the next step.

Fixing a corrupt registry on your computer

When your computer’s registry has been corrupted you may have error messages popping up on your screen such as “a fatal error has caused your computer to restart” or a “fatal error has occurred” or “dll file error” and these type of errors can cause your system to shut down or freeze up leaving you with a computer that you cannot use and nobody wants an expensive paperweight!

When you encounter these types of errors it can be beyond frustrating. They always seem to happen when you are be in the middle of an important task, Then you may have lost all your work causing you to not only have to have the computer fixed, but start all over again from scratch! The good news is that computer errors like these can be corrected to avoid needless hours of frustration.

To fix computer errors that are related to your computer’s registry, you should complete a full registry scan so that all the unused, old and unwanted data can be detected and removed.

Many people believe that for a good registry cleaning you need to buy some expensive program but I find the Ccleaner works very well for many people and it is FREE, the downside to a free registry cleaner is that they come with little to no support when you run into troubles. You can download Ccleaner from any of the popular file sharing websites such as file hippo or you can download it directly from (Here) I use Ccleaner to remove some of the everyday garbage that your computer collects and is not removed by “disk cleaner”. The reason I don’t recommend free registry cleaners is that they often contain spyware, malware, force you to install a toolbar on your internet browser, force you to watch their ads, etc. many do a decent job of cleaning but they can not get everything, and they may leave more errors than they remove!

However nothing beats a quality registry cleaner that you buy, these registry cleaners come with advanced support to help you solve any problems you may run into. If you can afford to buy a registry cleaner I strongly recommend either Registry Repair Pro or  wise fixer

Reg Repair pro is a program that only cleans and fixes your computer’s registry, however “Wise Fixer” is one of the most advanced computer registry cleaners available, it can perform a variety of tasks on your computer including preventive maintenance and removal of spyware and viruses that may have infected your computer’s registry.

When you run a scan with Wise Fixer it can fix computer errors as it cleans up your entire registry and it performs a registry backup while it is also defragging your system. The defragmenter in Wise Fixer is superior to the one that comes standard with your computer!

There are a number of computer viruses out there with new viruses being created daily, that can really attack your system causing all sorts of problems.
Spyware and virus programs can be the cause of a variety of computer errors. To prevent these errors you need a quality “Antivirus Program” I really recommend staying away from the more common antivirus programs because if you do get a virus with them, they charge you for the support necessary to remove it! This means that they have no real incentive to keep their software up to date because they make more money with virus removal than they do selling their garbage programs! For a quality anti-virus program for your computer I recommend Anti Virus Professional They have great customer service and seem to really stay on top of virus threats to your computer

Image by teresia via Flickr

Many virus programs are able to remove many of  your computer’s necessary program files, or eliminate and disabling your computer’s file extensions for the most important programs in your operating system, and limit the functionality of the of your computer

To fix computer errors that are a result of spyware and some viruses you can use anti-spyware and antivirus protection.

Virus Infections, damaged or corrupted programs or viruses can cause serious damage to your computers start up and memory. It is your computers start up sequence that is used by your computer to boot the system properly. Redirect viruses will cause you to get a different web page than the one you wanted which can be very frustrating. There is even one virus that is cleverly designed to look as if your own virus scan program has suddenly found your computer to be infected with scores of nasty’s! Hint, if you get a screen like this and it appears to be on a webpage… do whatever you can to close it, keep clicking on the red x until it finally closes! These people trick you into downloading their virus then charge you to remove it!!!

You can use your computer’s system back up CD to fix computer errors

When you need to fix computer errors related to your computer not booting up properly you should use your Windows XP (or whatever operating system you are using) Boot CD as this can repair the Windows installation on your computer which can overwrite computer errors picked up through spyware or viruses.
If you experience problems with your computer relating directly to the memory of your computer you may experience some of the following problems: crashes, system crashes, computer system crash or freeze, blue screen, reboot and constant software errors.

To fix computer errors related to your computer’s memory there are specific software programs that can help free up some memory space which will help solve RAM related problems.

Improve your computer’s memory system, which is also known as RAM (Random Access Memory) which improve the performance of your computer significantly, you will want to do a test of your computer’s memory. Depending on your operating system you may have a performance test program already installed, refer to your owners guide for more information on how you can do this with the software already installed on your computer.

If your computer does not come with a complete a memory test already installed, there are a number of software programs available for such a task, one program that I use and recommend that is very effective is called Memory Optimizer Expert, this can help you zero in on your problem allowing you to fix any computer errors brought to your attention through the use of the software.

If you’ve tried all the recommendations in this article, and you still have problems with your computer I would then recommend this ebook Computer Self Repair, or Slow Computer Emergency Repair Kit Ebook even these free Computer Tune-Up Videos will be a great help.

will be of great benefit to you to help you or that you do an Internet search for information on how to fix computer errors.
You will find many websites that focus on computer basics and troubleshooting. I would be strongly recommend that you really check the credentials of the websites you consider purchasing or downloading from, so you can be sure that you always receive your computer advice from a reliable and secure source.

Remember, preventive maintenance can save you from a variety of unnecessary computer problems and one of the best preventive measures you can buy is a registry cleaner program like Wise Fixer or Reg Repair Pro to keep your computer running at it’s best and error free.

Recommended Computer Repair Programs

Anti Virus Professional

Reg Repair Pro

Wise Fixer

Computer Self Repair

Slow Computer Emergency Repair Kit Ebook

Free Computer Tune-up Videos

Fix Computer Errors



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