Why Do So Many New Parents Love Babies “R” Us?

Why Babies “R” Us Became A New Parents Favorite Store

Toys “R” Us is a company that offers a vast variety of toys for kids, and is immensely popular. But the Corporation who created this awesome store out did themselves when they created…

Babies “R” Us!

Cover of "Babies (So Tall Board Books)"

Cover of Babies (So Tall Board Books)


Babies “R” Us is the One Stop Shop for all a new parents baby needs

The first Babies “R” Us store opened in 1996 in Westbury New York. Since then the Babies “R” Us store chain had skyrocketed to more than 218 Babies “R” Us stores at the beginning of 2005 and there are now more than 840 Babies “R” Us stores in the USA and since then the popular babies supply store chain has opened a whopping 716 Babies “R” US stores in 34 other countries …

Since the Babies “R” Us store chain took root and joined the baby products market, Babies “R” Us has become #1!

Babies “R” Us is considered the pioneer in premier baby products and is said to be the biggest store chain in the world today. Babies “R” Us has both brick and mortar stores and an extensive online store presence, so that any new parent can order products from the comfort of their home, from Babies “R” Us and have them delivered directly to their door.

Babies “R” Us online stores offer not only unique items but they are also a fun store to shop in, as there is always something new that is sure to please both baby and new parent alike.

Babies “R” Us has a state of the art baby registry service and has teamed up with Amazon.com to provide new parents with excellent online service. Expecting parents can create an online registry and update that registry so that friends and family can shop at the Babies “R” Us stores both retail and online with confidence that the items they pick are not only relevant, but needed by the new parents.

Babies “R” Us provides the parent of a new baby to, not only browse through merchandise that they may not see locally but also to compare nursery items and research various baby products from the convenience of home

Babies “R” Us also offers some really great gift ideas to those who want to share some great goodies with their own babies, young children, grandchildren, nephews etc. You can create a customized gift set for that special baby or small child both online as well as in any one of their many Babies “R” Stores. Both educational toys and baby items that are considered traditional can be found at Babies “R” Us. Under their “Parents Favorites” category Babies “R” Us also offers basic gift ideas that are full of great ideas for what is sure to be a favorite in any babies gift basket. You can also find various buying guides, checklists, baby related articles and other information that will be of benefit to both baby and parent alike.

If you are expecting a new baby or know someone who is, checking out your local or online Babies “R” Us store is sure to be your new favorite “One Stop Shop” for all your baby gift ideas.

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