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If you are looking for Melbourne business networking opportunities, then you have come to the right location. The Whitehorse Business Group, which was founded within 1996, was created to motivate networking and interaction between your Council and the local business community. With Whitehorse, you will be able to make connections with other business owners, create new contacts, and grow your company. This is what Melbourne business networking is all about.


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Whitehorse Business Group is a grouping of key business leaders from within the community whose common goal would be to develop economic stability and growth within the city of Whitehorse. Dozens of business have chosen to employ the Melbourne business networking services of the WBG.

The vision of WBG might be easily summarized in their business statement:

“The Whitehorse Business Group strives to become the pre-eminent group representing the interests from the local business community and to be actively active in the promotion of excellence in business and economic development inside the City of Whitehorse. ”
Whitehorse Business Group offers monthly networking events because of its members. When it comes to Melbourne business networking, these monthly events are invaluable.
Whitehorse Business Group is the place to go with regard to Melbourne business networking. The objectives of WBG include:
Encouraging ongoing networking possibilities
Recognizing local business excellence
Facilitating initiatives to assistance expansion of local company
Connecting and identifying nearby business links
Encouraging employment through nearby business growth
Developing strategic partnerships for economic advantage
Developing a membership base which represents the local business community
If you want your company to reach its maximum potential, then it is likely to be critical for you to engage in Melbourne business networking. WGB will represent your interests and assist you in the development of start up business initiatives. For all that Whitehorse Business Group provides, membership to this group only costs one low cost each year. Make sure to read the Melbourne business networking opportunities that WGB offers. Your business will have nothing to get rid of, but everything to gain.

Whitehorse Business Group specialize in helping Melbourne business owners connect. For more information please contact us at:
Whitehorse Business Group
Level 1, Kenneth McIntyre Room, Box Hill Town Hall
1022 Whitehorse Road
Melbourne VIC 3128
(03) 9275 6910
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