When Past And Present Collide, Could It Bring Destruction?

Is our planet on the verge of destruction?


Nearly every religion predicts the end of the world as we know it, all predict a society on the verge of destruction and beyond. Armageddon. The Apocalypse, The End of the world, Transition into a new age… Whichever your belief, they all predict an end to society.

Could this be a warning from an almighty god of things to be?

Who’s god? my god, your god, does it really matter, a god is a god! (quote slightly modified, but taken from Christopher Paolini’s Eragon Inheritance Series of books).

Or could this universal prediction be a warning against repeating our past?

There is one theory that suggests that ancient Peoples had a more advanced civilization than we enjoy today. One only has to look at the great pyramids or Stone hinge to see the potential for that argument.

These ancient cultures obviously knew about electricity as there are crude but effective batteries found on site at the ancient pyramids! Yes, the Egyptians had electricity! They were ahead of us in so many ways, it is mind boggling to fathom. They farmed fish and plants in aqueducts, and were the true inventors of Aquaponics, Wicking Beds, and other sophisticated methods of both farming and bringing water to dry regions than we are capable of doing today. Not to mention the precision of their stone cutters, and the fact that today we still do  not have the slightest idea of how they moved such heavy stones!

Even the ancient Romans had Aqueducts that sent water to crops in desert regions. Again both fish and food plants were grown in these giant aqueducts and cistern water collection wells.

In the 1920’s Edward Leedskalnin claimed to have learned the secrets of these ancient civilizations and quarried and extracted several giant coral stone obelisk’s to create his “coral castle” the castle has a 30 ton stone door, that is so perfectly balanced that a child can open it with the touch of a finger! This man weighed 100 lbs and was considered sickly, he was a recluse and would only say that he understood magnetics and how celestial alignment worked and that modern science had things all wrong.

After an attack by thugs in his Florida City home he moved the entire castle and other coral stone objects to another compound in Homestead Florida some 10 miles away. It is reported that Edward Leedskalnin loaded and unloaded the truck that transported the stone by himself and refused to let the driver watch or participate.

He claimed that he understood and used the methods that ancient civilizations used and that it involved both magnetics and mathematics. He would only work at night, and if he thought someone was spying on him, he would stop working until after they were gone. Despite this some neighbors claimed that they had witnessed the stones floating as if they were balloons… But no one knows the real story of how he created his coral castle, and he took that knowledge with him to the grave.

Myth or reality… Did ancient Peoples know something that we do not? Probably!

Could our planet have been devastated by a nuclear winter in eons past? The scientific evidence suggests that this may actually be the case, and that some great catastrophe caused what is called “deculturalization“. This is simply a fancy word that means that when something causes technology to break down on a mass scale, there is no one left who fully understands all of the complex processes of technology. In this absence society breaks down in it’s attempt to adapt and survive!

Perhaps in another 100 million years or so, someone will look at our accomplishments and scratch their heads in wonder too!

You be the judge!



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