Whats All The Buzz With The Apple Ipad 2?

Apple recently released its new version of the Ipad 2

The New Ipad 2 has created quite a stir in the Techno-gadget community.

But what is really different about the new Ipad 2 that we haven’t seen in the previous version of the Ipad?

The short answer…. The new Ipad 2 is a whole new animal!

The original Ipad had a sleek thin design and is a tablet PC at it’s absolute best. Slim, lightweight and fast. No wonder the new Ipad 2 has taken the country by storm. The first Ipad came standard with a touch screen display, sharp color and a very fast processor. But the new Ipad 2 features a speedy A5 processor To provide faster browsing and clean crisp games, but thats not the only way that the two Ipads differ.

You have your choice of hard drive sizes in the first Ipad and apple has not disappointed it’s customers by giving this option again. You can buy the Ipad 2 with a variety of hard disk sizes and at prices to fit just about anyone’s budget.

Not only is the new Ipad 2 33% thinner and 15% lighter this Ipad is also faster than the first version of the Ipad with its A5 Processor. The Ipad 2 also has 2 cameras, so that you can both teleconference and take video or stills as well! This new Ipad 2 will even allow you to do specialty videos with picture in picture, with  super sharp clarity.

The Battery Life Of  The New Ipad 2 Is Astounding!

English: iPad with on display keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ipad 2 has a new 6 cell, long life battery, this is also an improvement on the older Ipad. The Ipad 2’s superior 6 cell battery is capable of  giving you a full 10 hours of reading, browsing and play time anywhere while you are on the go! The high resolution screen on the Ipad 2 is backlit for easier reading, just like the previous version of  the old Ipad, Ipod touch, and Iphone, the sharp new Ipad has the same applications you love like Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Notes and Safari. There are thousands of business apps at the App Store to help, as well as every other area where both professional developers and users alike have created scores of applications to be used with the Ipad  and other apple products. The crisp display of the new Ipad makes for crystal clear digital video for watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite games. Learn to easily create your own Ipad aps for yourself or to sell at the app store

You can find aps on the Ipad 2 that will allow you to watch TV on your Ipad so you never have to miss your favorite shows while you are on the run!

The Ipad comes with wi-fi so you can surf the internet at all your favorite hot spots.

With the Ipad 2’s sleek, thin design, fast processor, crisp display, the new Apple Ipad 2 is sure to please everyone, and the fact that the price for the new Ipad starts at just $499 makes the Ipad affordable for most anyone looking to add to their gadget collection…

I want the new Ipad 2!

 Do you hear me honey?

Are You listening???

Ipad 2…..

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