Welcome to 2sml.info

Welcome to 2sml.info

Please consider signing up and joining our site

working at home

working at home (Photo credit: atconc)

We are new but should be rapidly growing as we promise the highest comission for your articles of any compensation site out there

You will be paid directly from Clickbank and your articles will receive 90% of the clickbank ad impressions. Of that 90% you will receive 100% of your adsense income!

Also l don’t intend on ever taking this site down so as long as you remain registered with clickbank you will continue to receive any revenues your articles generate for a long as you leave them here!

You will have a maximum of 3 links per article so I hope you use them to your best advantage. Advertise your products for sale, affiliate links to other products, your personal webpages or ??? It is totally up to you!

Write about anything not just how to’s

You get 3 links per article to use however you want including embedding them into the text of your articles! Use them as affiliate links, links to products you sell, resource websites, your own websites, whatever you want as long as it is not to adult content sites.

you would need to promote your pages to receive earnings especially since this is a new site. But like ehow you will ALWAYS receive your earnings even when you stop writing for me. Because the content will remain up unless you take it down. Google pays you directly so there is no concern over payroll!

I have more tools on the site that you can use to promote your pages than ehow did, and there will be a hidden members only page (not up yet) with information on how to increase your page views and SEO. I am always searching the plugins for even more things to help you and make this a profitable experience.

Please do not post content you have on other sites without a rewrite of at least 10% this way google does not see it as duplicate content and your pages will be indexed.

So should you join to write about your experiences, welcome aboard and have fun!

If you only wish to read that’s fine too

Everyone is welcome!

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