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The explosion of eCommerce has created a brand new business skill set, web site marketing. No longer is it possible to throw together a quick, poorly laid out blog and expect it to attract visitors, especially targeted visitors.

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Today’s internet requires a different marketing and creation mindset, one that understands affiliate selling, backlinks, search engine optimization, monetization and quality content creation. While individual blogs will continue to be sources of personal information, online ecommerce and mobile websites are the future of internet marketing.

Why Worry About Web Marketing?

Simple. No marketing, no traffic. No traffic, no sales. No sales, no income. Even if your site is information only and you are not expecting to generate revenue, if web browsers can’t find your blog, no one will read or pass on your information. You can create an eye-popping web design, but without proper search engine optimization and web marketing, it will languish in internet limbo. It’s not a complicated process, but there are certain steps that every webmaster, from Amazon to the smallest blog for pre-school children, must follow.

What Is Search Engine Web Marketing?

90% of all website visits are started with a search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL are the largest but there are over 10,000 search engines world-wide. Making sure that most of these search engines can find your site and index it is the critical point that must be kept in mind with every step taken during your web design and creation. It may sound silly but always ask yourself “will Google like this?” whenever you create content, upload images or refresh your site. Almost all of the search engines follow the same criteria for ranking websites so don’t worry about doing something to improve your Google ranking at the cost of another search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the actions taken by you on a regular basis to make sure that the search engines find your website, review the unique content and list your web address for web users to find. Never skimp on SEO, it is the backbone of web marketing.

Start With Online Web Marketing

On problem with the internet is that the amount of information is overwhelming and can be difficult to sort through. If you do a web search for internet marketing you will be hit with over 10 million possible websites. You need to narrow your search down to more details, such as backlink building or niche blogs. Use free resources like Warrior Forum for advice on building websites and marketing them. We have some wonderful inexpensive ebooks that can walk you through all parts of website design, building and marketing, as well as software tools to help you promote your website. Be sure to pick one plan and finish it before going on to another. If you decide to use article marketing, make sure you have done an entire cycle of article creations and submissions before trying anything else. Don’t expect immediate results. I can take months before even the most well-designed and SEO perfect site is indexed by Google, just keep working at it.

Web site marketing is the key to getting your website or blog in front of targeted visitors who share your same interests and may become customers. Follow a plan, read guides and advice forums for hints and stay focused!

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