Urticaria Treatment Options

Urticaria Treatment

You don’t see as many cases of urticaria in children as you do in adults, however it still poses a problem. Generally urticaria is not seen in people below the age of 16, Acute cases often appear first which can turn in to the chronic version of urticaria as the sufferer grows older (most commonly). It is common for children to suffer from acute urticaria, which means that they only experience attacks occasionally.

English: Urticaria Hives on the left chest wall. Notice ...

English: Urticaria or Hives on the left chest wall. Notice that they are slightly raised. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Causes of Urticaria

  • 1.Allergens.
  • 2.Environmental factors.
  • 3.Drugs.(Penicillin).
  • 4.Urticaria and alcohol.
  • 5.Emotional factors( emotionalstresses).

Urticaria Cure:

urticaria solution

Hives, medically referred to as Urticaria, is a widespread allergic reaction presenting as inflamed, pink, itchy bumps that arise any place on the body. It is categorized as Acute Urticaria or Chronic Urticaria based upon the time frame of the breakout of hives. Chronic Urticaria, also referred to as Nettle Rash or Uredo, persists for longer than six weeks. Acute Urticaria only appears for few hours to a few weeks.

Obviously, this difference in presupposition lends itself to a different method of treating chronic urticaria. Instead of focusing on the hives themselves, this strategy aids the body in dealing with the underlying cause of the condition. This approach may not be necessary for those with mild hives, but it does show tremendous results as a cure for hives among those with more serious and chronic conditions.

Chronic urticaria is an allergic skin rash that lasts longer than six weeks. Also referred to as hives or a nettle rash, urticaria is most often brought on by an allergy to pets, latex, a bee or insect sting, medicine or foods. The rash is composed of round or oval bumps on the skin, sometimes red in color and often itchy.

Urticaria, commonly known as “hives” typically develops as rash on the skin, accompanied by severe itching. Acute urticaria is of short duration, up to six weeks, and is usually caused by certain food products, medicines, insect bites and infections. This usually responds well to standard treatment like antihistamines.

Urticaria can be categorized in two major types; Acute Urticaria and Chronic Urticaria. In acute one, the symptoms persists up to 3 months and after this time period the patients’ condition becomes normal. While in Chronic Urticaria, it takes more than 3 months and the symptoms reappear again and again after regular or even irregular time intervals.

home remedies for urticaria

1. Calamine lotion-applying to the effected area can offer some short term relief from the constant itching.

2. Milk of magnesia applied to the lesions, provides some relief. As milk of magnesia is an alcalescent solution it helps in removing the irritating itchy sensation

3. Stop the itching get 1/2 a container filled with warm water, add 1/2 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup baking soda. Soaking yourself at least once a day can make a lot of difference.

4. Applying aloe Vera gel or vitamin E oil to the affected area at least twice a day may offer some relief.

Listed below are some widely accepted risk factors, and causes which are known to be contributing factors. Also listed are some lesser known possibility’s which research indicates may also have a bearing. This is just a small list of some risk factors thought to be responsible for and attributed to Urticaria, many prescribed and over the counter drugs may also play a very damaging part.

Cholinergic Urticaria is a subset of physical hives. The condition itself forms as the body becomes hypersensitive to heat (or the sweating process). This means that any time an individual with this condition exercises, gets hot, takes a hot shower, eats spicy foods, etc., they risk getting a hives reaction.

The use of hypoallergenic stuffs such as cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and even fabrics and pillows also help in the prevention of attacks. Even laundry detergents used to wash the clothes of people with urticaria should be mild.

Elimination diet is a method where in you remove one or more food from your diet and reintroduce them to see if there is a noticeable reaction. It can be a very effective tool to assess what kind of food are you allergic to and this will really help your doctor in the diagnosis of your symptoms.

urticaria solution


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