Three Things To Keep In Mind That Might Save You When You Have No Idea What To Say On That First Date

Cant think of what to say to your date?


You are going out with a Stunning but a bashful date, one that is not very talkative. You have already  talked all about your favorite pastimes, your families and your jobs and nothing else seems to come into your mind and she is not really helping you (that’s what you believe).
One of the finest ways of having a nice, beneficial and honest chat with your girlfriend is to start with small talk. The small talk will give you a general depiction about her likes and dislikes, as well as what she would like to discuss and what she would preferably leave alone.

Once the small talk gives you a general idea, you can go ahead and chat about your usual likes and dislikes.

But what is really scaring you are those moments of silence. Uhh… terrible moments. :)
There is a solution that you can use to dodge or get over these terrible moments and they are:

First Date Jitters Recovery Ideas

1. Give a compliment

The fact is most people are shy about dating new people. I used to be terribly shy. But when you think about it, shyness is merely a fear that  someone won’t like you, or that you may feel rejected somehow. It’s natural for us to need to be accepted. So strive to make known that you like them by giving a compliment. But strive to learn something that you truly find attractive about your date, about their lifestyle or personality.  They will become more secure and more able to share their beliefs and interests and then their shyness won’t be a problem anymore once you begin with a meaningful conversation.

2. Ask sincere questions

the way you ask questions is especially important in establishing a basis for effective discussion. Effective questions open the door to knowledge and understanding. The art of discussion lies in knowing which questions to ask and when.

My choice questions are “why” and “how” questions. You can apply these often without being annoying. She will believe that you are paying attention to what she is telling you and will develop her answers.

Therefore, you should think carefully prior to talking and taking up topics of discussion that might be repulsive to her.

3. Listen, listen, and listen.

More often than not when your date starts chatting about their much loved subjects (feelings, family, relationships, friends and her work) many men and women become disinterested in, or bring the conversation back to themselves. This is one of the biggest missteps people are doing all the time.

They also like to trade jokes and anecdotes and spend a great deal of time playing one-up and boasting. Stop doing that!!!

Allow your date to have THEIR own points of view, while you have yours. Many Guys have felt like they have either had to give up their own beliefs in order to attempt to get a date , OR they had to argue with their date about what they feel is important. Both approaches lead to failure.

Your date is not there with you, just to hear about your hero “qualities”, but also to have a great time! And Get to know you as well!


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