The Perfect Day

Today was one of those days when I felt like I was out of my mind.I woke quite early got ready for work while my husband made my breakfast. As I finished breakfast and got ready to left the house my loving sinus started to act up.

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To add  pleasure to my happiness I had to work in an air condition room as cold as Alaska. Earlier I had received a message from my cousin to let me know ,that her baby  that were still alive and growing in her tummy was experiencing  complication.

My morning was going swell!

what else could go wrong?

About three hours in to work enjoying the fruit of my sinus with a glorious headache, in came my boss with on egg or something larger up his behind, picking not at me but at a co-worker and as they say in our terms peter pays for paul and paul pays for all.

I had to seek higher strength I had to pray to none other than jesus and thankfully he bought me through the day and all the people involved, especially the baby,  after being check by the doctor everything was well.

Days like this when everything is out of my hand I pray because I cant make it on my own.

I love jesus with all my heart I trust each day to see me through, to him be the glory.I am home after hard days work relaxing, writing and going to get ready for bed to face another day.

Don’t worry I wont leave without telling what work I do; are you ready for it! I am a Dental Assistant.My job is one of the most  interesting  I know,I get to see in people’s mouth everyday,get to hear them scream and to see big men cry(seriously I love my job).

Every day at work is interesting I get to interact with people from different background and be professional all day, until I come home.I believe if you do what you love and get paid for it its a great accomplishment ,just think how many people  get to do that.

I have to go now, way past my bed time, bye and remember in everything put God first.

Live the life you love and love the life you live

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