The Most Well known Network Marketing Companies

Network Marketing Companies

Below you’ll find a catalog of the most well known network marketing companies that are based in the US today ; these aren’t listed in any particular order:

Diagram describing the integration of business...

Diagram describing the integration of business planning, marketing and engineering/OSS in Network Resource Planning, as well as its end results. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* Avon
* Melaleuca
* Mary Kay
* NuSkin

Successful Network Marketing

These are one or two very successful network marketing or multilevel marketing companies who’ve been in business for many years. Numerous others have come and gone before them there are roughly eighty M.L.M companies that are going robust to this day.

Take 1 or 2 seconds to think about the list of companies above and the goods they sell, these products were preferred 10 years ago and will likely be required by folks for the next 10 years, therefore they are referred to as “Evergreen” products. Kitchen appliances, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, storage products, vitamins, health-related products and cosmetics will never go out of favor.

The strength of your business originates from the power of the company you choose to join, so consider one of these proven enterprises first, you will see that these companies all share similar features:

Powerful management: the reputation and the expertise of an M.L.M firms management team is critical to success it’s a business design of itself, so that’s where the experience comes in.

Training programs: the company should supply fantastic training tools and marketing programs so that you can further your business, you can only succeed by completely understanding these systems, which you then can pass on to your team.

A mentoring program: an one on one mentorship program is useful for you to further your business ; these programs go beyond the sales, marketing and coaching sides of running a business. You may form a relationship in time with your coach, and it should be someone who is successful and also someone whom you like and trust – she or he will enjoy helping you improve.

Taking as an example 3 of the marketing companies noted above, that is the reason why they’re so successful:


Amway is well known for its crazy sales meetings which energize and encourage it’s members to succeed ; $8 billion dollars in yearly sales proves that these sales conferences work. They’ve a stockpile of over 450 products that cover everything from cleaning supplies to health-related products. When changing into a distributor for Amway, unlike any other MLM companies, you do not have to purchase inventory, and if you decide to leave, the company will purchase any leftover inventory back from you. Why would any person want to leave Amway?

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef sells another Evergreen product kitchen widgets and tools thru a huge network of over seventy thousand independent distributors. They raised over $7 million last year alone to help fight world hunger. Everyone requires a frying pan!

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is maybe the most renowned network or multilevel marketing business there is. The company started in 1963 selling beauty produce and cosmetics via networks of distributors who hold demonstrations in their own homes – attraction marketing methods used back then which still work today.

If You’re Not a Risk Taker, Stay in the Safety Zone

Are you serious about joining a multilevel marketing opportunity? If you have nervous disposition and would rather be with an organization that has proven itself over time, then you will likely want to stick with one of the companies above. Start-ups may offer some pretty dazzling opportunities, but actually unless you are able to afford to lose three to 5 years of your sweat and hard work then do not take that chance.

It’s hard to believe but there may be more than 60 million network marketers worldwide at any one time. Granted, many of them are not making any money. So what’s the secret ingredient?

Coaching coaching and training, excellent support and marketing, and help with everything. Once you have gotten over the opening struggle of building a business, having this sort of support will make it simple for you to be successful with your network marketing business online, when you have the right mindset you’ll be ready to succeed with any of these companies.


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