The Fun in Argument

The Basics Of A Good Argument

Politics is created from man’s desire to argue.  Without this desire, the natural tendency to disagree with others, the lives led by human beings would be nothing more than that of a colony of ants.  Each person lined up after the next along an endless line of work and thoughtlessness that starts at birth and ends at death.  If nobody disagreed with anything that anybody else said then the action of speech would eventually be futile and what may happen is the world would be filled with people resembling bobble-head dolls, drones nodding in a constant state of agreeing.  Individuals’ ideas become predictable and meaningless.

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All inquisitive thought and ideals spawn from disagreeing with some other thought and ideal, like a blossoming object of nature without a beginning or an end.  Hannah Arendt referred to something similar to this when she wrote of the web of life, where all actions are connected to past actions, which lead the way for new actions; here we can imagine the concept of disagreeing with one statement, leading to alternate statements about the same subject, and creating infinite paths for individuals to contemplate on the same subject.  If one statement was made, followed by another that agreed, and another, and another, all we are left with is a long straight line; a corridor leading to nowhere, enclosed by walls on both sides, with doors and outlets nowhere to be found.

There is fun in disagreeing, there is fun in argument.

Now, to be clear, some argument‘s simply cannot come to pass.  When a reasonable person attempts to begin an argument, reason, with an unreasonable individual, it can resemble the task of hammering through a brick wall.  When a dense individual cannot comprehend the core concepts of the subject of debate then the argument is worthless.

An Argument Experiment

To bring this to light, imagine trying to start a logical argument with someone who believes that up is down and down is up.  The world that this person lives in and the rules by which they exist do not run parallel with the rest of what most of us can agree on, and therefore do not deserve a debate with a reasonable person.  A fun argument stimulates new ideas and creates doors that enable individuals to break free from the corridor of monotony.  Two reasonable person can have completely conflicting ideas and opinions, but will only learn from their opposites and become more enlightened.

The ability for intelligent Argument is Essential

Without the ability to disagree, and without man’s innate desire to disagree, the world man has created would cease to exist.  In fact, this world would never have come to be in the first place without disagreement after disagreement after disagreement.  The most intense, radical form of disagreeing is war, and war has done more than anything to shape the world we have come to live in.

Agreeing leads to nothing.  Disagreeing leads to everything.  Therefore embrace that with which you do not agree, and enjoy the act of disagreeing with it.  Everything that is loved is created by a disagreement with something else and the act of disagreeing should be a sharp reminder that each individual is unique, and that the very nature of the uniqueness is in itself a disagreement with everything else.

Never simply agree to disagree.  There is no fun in agreement.  Continue to disagree, and enjoy the ability to engage the argument, to think on a level that is truly unique.

The most knowledge in life has been gained from a good natured, logical argument

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  1. alithea says:

    unique and well said but i believe agreeing leads to unity and power as the saying goes divided we fall united we stand… stand together their must be agreement,to be divided there will be disagreement….loving your blog

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