The best way to Teach Yourself Guitar – 6 Easy Steps

Millions of people dream of learning the best way to play guitar. For all, it really is an un-quenched fire lying dormant for many years just awaiting the right spark to light the flame.


And when it finally does, the number one question is, “how do I get started”?

Many times pupils decide to learn guitar on their own due to financial reasons, or perhaps a lack of want to share in a regimented course of study. Sometimes it is merely a matter of attempting to accomplish something with no outside aid.

In any event, if you have determined to educate guitar to yourself then here are some thoughts to assist you get going.

1. Make certain your guitar is a “good match”

Take the time and do the research to make sure your first guitar is suitable for your hands, arms and body precisely.

A call to your local music store can help considerably in this process.

2. Understand the “basics” first

Spend time working on understanding the basic mechanics of playing guitar like – how exactly to keep the guitar, the best way to how the choose, how to read TABLATURE and music charts, how exactly to “fret” the guitar, and appropriate strumming techniques.

3. Study how to tune the guitar

A properly tuned guitar is essential, and learning the best way to tune this is something that you ought to focus on before you try to play the very first chord.

4. Learn the “CAGED” chords first

The “CAGED” chords are the main open chords on the guitar, and the foundation which is why most other chords are formed. This is an important first step.

“CAGED” is simply an acronym for the open chords:

C – A – G – E – D

Get comfortable learning to perform these first five chords early on.

5. Study the “major” scale

The major scale is a terrific starting-point for the study of scales and should be realized first.

6. Use technology

With the dawn of the web there are lots of places you’ll be able to obtain all this information for free.

There are numerous sites that provide tutorials on understanding the fundamental chords on guitar, along with scales, modes licks and riffs.




To Sum Up
Learning guitar in your own may be a rewarding experience. Many great guitarists over the years have learned to play by teaching themselves.

However most of the most notable guitar players which are “self educated” will normally admit to having a mentor somewhere on the way.

Quite frequently, learning riffs, licks and songs by your favorite guitar player is merely an issue of performing a search on sites like or other guitar related sites.

Learning how exactly to teach yourself guitar is just a challenge, guitar lesson but one which will give you years of satisfaction.

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