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Crucial Preparations Just before Your New York Recording Studio Program

Recording Studio Preparations

Booking recording studio time could be a pretty onerous expense, running into tens of thousands of dollars. This puts hiring an expert New York Recording Studio out of the reach of most up-and-coming acts.


DRM Recording Studio (Photo credit: Chet Yeary II)

Why Do So Many New Parents Love Babies “R” Us?

Why Babies “R” Us BecameĀ A New Parents Favorite Store

Toys “R” Us is a company that offers a vast variety of toys for kids, and is immensely popular. But the Corporation who created this awesome store out did themselves when they created…

Babies “R” Us!

Cover of "Babies (So Tall Board Books)"

Cover of Babies (So Tall Board Books)

New York Music Studio Versus Home Audio Studio Room

Music Industry

Many of us at some time in our lives dream of becoming a vocalist or a band member. We want to enter the music industry, share our talent as well as show our passion for music. But the question, most aspiring musicians ask themselves is “where should I start? ”

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