Seven Exciting Platform Bed Frame Designs to Consider

Platform Bed Frame Designs

When you think of a cool bed design, a platform bed readily comes to mind. A platform bed remains one of the common modern style beds around. Are you planning on getting a platform bed frame for your home? Here are 7 exciting platform designs that you can consider.


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Waterbed platform bed base design comes with a sturdy and weight-bearing assemble. The platform frame is built with accompanying side walls which are bolstered at 4 points with metal brackets. The water mattress snugly fits into the platform frame and this supports the weight and makes it comfortable to sleep on.

If you want to boost your storage space in the bedroom, go for platform beds with 2-sided drawers. Some bed manufacturers use the unfilled space under the bed to build drawers. These drawers are located on both sides of the bed for easy access when you are getting in or out of bed.

If you are the type that requires loads of space in your bedroom, you might opt for the addition of extra drawers at the foot of the bed as well.

You can have an open shelf design at the foot of the bed instead of drawers. This provides ample storage for your books or things that you need to access all the time. Some people like this alternative because it eliminates the option of having a bookshelf in the room.

Beyond two-sided drawers, open shelves and drawers by foot and side, a cabinet bed can also spark your fancy. A cabinet bed provides you with adequate storage for items underneath your bed. The whole idea is not to have sizable stuff take up too much space in your closet. A ready alternative is to leave them organized and tidy in a compartment under your bed.

Some platform bed designs come with a headboard. These headboards have in-built shelves to store items like reading books, remote controls and alarm clocks. These beds can have either leather or microfiber padded headboards. They are more functional than stylish and serve as a headrest if you like reading or watching television in bed.

This platform style bed is built on a rock-solid base that rests on the floor. There is no space underneath or bed legs to support it. This design frame is great for those who do not like storage compartments underneath their beds.

When you go about selecting a platform bed frame you need to keep in mind what size you are after. This sounds obvious and I’m sure no one would buy the wrong size. Just bed frame designs and styles don’t come in all sizes. You don’t want to spend a lot of time pondering between two styles that you love only to discover that one or both don’t come in the size you need.

Platform bed frames are meant to be stylish and simple. They do not come with flamboyant bed posts or noisy headboards. They are meant to be space savers and to easily suit any decor that you might have available. You do not have to revamp your bedroom just because you got a new platform bed.

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