My Pelvic Mesh Nightmare

Pelvic Mesh Injures Against Women

I cant believe that the Medical community still feels that the use of pelvic mesh is at all acceptable given the light of all the pelvic mesh removal and pelvic repair surgeries!

For me, my pelvic mesh nightmare occurred beginning in 1998 when I was sent to a urogynecologist at the VA hospital for recurrent issues with bladder leakage, despite doing keagle exercises as prescribed by my gynecologist.

They did a urodynamics and cystoscopy that confirmed that I had a structural problem causing my embarrassing urinary incontinence issues. It was so bad that if for example I sat on the floor and turned my upper body to the side, I would totally empty my bladder and there was no way I could stop it once it started!

bladder mesh or bladder sling

So, they told me that there was a surgical procedure that they called a “Pelvic Sling” that would fix my problems, they did say that one of the potential side effects could be sexual discomfort, but at least in my case after surgery it was minimal. This time…

So anyway, they assured me that the procedure was both safe and effective, so I opted to have the surgery.

I had great hopes that my incontinence issues would be resolved with the pelvic mesh. However that was not to be the case!

Shortly after the surgery, I noticed that I was still having some leakage of urine! Before my first follow up visit with urogynecology after the surgery, my husband and I got into an argument over his failure to follow his doctors orders, and I left for a couple of days to allow both of us time to calm down. Anyway, when my husband was at work, I came back to pick up some clothes and was talking with his father who lives with us, I began crying and when that happened I had another episode of urinary leakage like I did before the surgery… AKA I involuntarily emptied my bladder!!!

How could I still have the same urinary incontinence issues after the bladder mesh surgery???

transvaginal mesh surgery

Upsetting but true… The bladder sling surgery I had just gone thru did nothing to cure my incontinence issues. When I saw the urogynecologist they said that sometimes that did happen, and started me on a medication for bladder spasms… Vesicare.

I was also told that if the Vesicare didnt take care of the problem, I would eventually need to have a second bladder mesh surgery done…

I would eventually need another bladder mesh surgery!

So not wanting to have another surgery, I went with the Vesicare, upset that despite the bladder sling, I was still having incontinence issues. My husband told me that he could feel the suture line after the surgery, and that it was slightly uncomfortable for him when we had sex.

Great, now not only did I still have a problem after my bladder mesh surgery and would now have to buy a new medication potentially forever… my husband also was affected by it!

Vesicare isn’t cheap by the way, now I had a co-pay of $40 a month for a medication that would reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence that persisted after surgery to implant a bladder sling surgery that failed!

A few years went on like that, until I finally again confided in my Gynecologist that I was still having bladder leakage and incontinence after having had the surgery and taking Vesicare as well.

Again I was referred to a urogynecologist who after several tests stated that not only did I need another bladder sling, but that I needed what was called a rectocele as well. This is basically a bladder sling for the lower colon, used to correct the beginnings of what is called megacolon.

Now not only did they have to redo my pelvic mesh implant but also use one to sling my colon!

Here comes the ugly part of bladder mesh surgery!

First, I suffer from Fibromyalgia, and even though my surgeon was aware, apparently they took no precautions for the  Fibromyalgia pain I would experience in the post op recovery area! Since this involved 2 slings being placed thru incisions into my vagina, the procedure lasted longer than the first time I had it done. As a result of this, my inner and outer thighs went into serious muscle spasm post surgery, and they refused to give me anything for the pain because it could supposedly interfere with the anesthesia that they used! I now had a new level 10 for pain!!! This was equal to a level 14 on their 1-10 pain scale!

All I could do was hold on to the siderails of the hospital bed and cry from the pain.

But the nightmare would not be over there!

After the surgery intercourse was painful due to the scarring, and at times later on, I could smell a foul odor. The urinary incontinence had improved but I still had a degree of stress incontinence.

Gynecologic pelvic exams were painful and always there was bleeding afterwards, but came back normal.

My Symptoms Of Pelvic Mesh Erosion

  • After several years I began to notice bleeding when I would wipe after urination
  • The foul smell got worse.
  • I would experience occasional stabbing pains thru my vagina.
  • I started dealing with bladder infections or UTI’s
  • My husband said that he could feel the “stitches”, (although they weren’t there any longer) during intercourse.
  • And finally intercourse became too painful to endure any longer.

Finally I checked the inside of my vagina and was shocked at what I found!

I found a rather large area just inside my vagina that had exposed pelvic mesh!

I made an appointment with my Gynecologist right away and she found 2 areas where the pelvic mesh had erroded.

My Pelvic Mesh Had To Be Removed!

So hold on to your seats for the next chapter of my pelvic mesh removal nightmare!

If you are experiencing symptoms of problems with your pelvic mesh, please contact one of the attorneys that are currently handling these cases. These companies are continuing to market this product to doctors and telling them that the complication rates are low…..

If you are considering having pelvic mesh, bladder mesh, transvaginal mesh or any other mesh surgery I strongly encourage you to do your research and make an intellegent decision.

Would I do pelvic mesh surgery again?

In one word “NO”!




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