My Partner, my best friend….

Important tip for a healthy relationship


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A friend once told me…

“you have such a great relationship with your hubby…please leave some room for disappointment”

why i asked her…

well she said if you get hurt it would really take a toll on you.  Her words nag me every now and then but i am so blessed to have someone i can call my best friend.  My partner and i both realized a long time ago that its each other that we can trust the most whether it be advice on our marriage, our children or our jobs.  We learned then that the support we offer to each other is all that we needed.

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I have seen once to often family and friend‘s break up a damn good relationship with their good intentions.

The less you say to them…the better.

Keep your relationship open to new ideas, thoughts and fun.

You will be amazed at the strength of us women.

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