Why Import What We Can Produce ?

Living in the caribbean is not all sun,sea and shore  it a lot of work and frustration. Being classified as third world countries, we are a  less fortunate than other countries.Our financial situation is becoming even more critical as the rest of the world.

Political agendas and selfish politicians has cause our nations to crumble under the pressures of divisions and selfish needs.

Our governments are very corrupt in their ethics and performance. The leaders  are more interested in receiving self praise and responding to petty matters, than to deal with the real issues and the development of their countries.

There are a  great amount of natural resources which are left to waste especially in fruits like mangoes,plums which is seasonal, coconuts, cocoa, passion fruits, lime, lemon etc; vegetables  and ground provision.

These product requires land  and a strong labor force which we have but little market regionally and internationally because of the standard of the goods produce, instead of investing money to pay worker substantially and upgrading the standard to compete with the world,  we import ten times more than we export.

As smaller countries I believe we should invest in where we are living and continue to maintain the standard that we already have.

My Island Is Changing

Years ago there were three classes of people the rich, the middle class and the poor. Today there is no more middle classes, its either  rich or poor!

This is due to the fact that the cost of living is rising drastically, while salaries are stagnant or decreasing.

When people visit our beautiful island they will see well constructed houses, artistically painted and  professionally designed, not forgetting some of the latest vehicles, giving a false sense of prosperity.

But, if one takes a closer look, their views will change.

We encounter problems like other countries especially  with drugs trafficking, which is one of the major problem in our country; approximately 60 to 70% of our population is involve in its  production, especially the younger generation.

Although lots has been done to eradicate the use and production of marijuana, cocaine and other harmful drugs,  more methods and strategic measures needs to be implemented with force and dedication. Most of the illegal business are done secretly to avoid legal prosecution so to any visitor our island will be see as heaven an earth.

We Still Welcome You

Even though we have our set backs in  a lot areas  our islands are still breath taking unspoiled and a haven of peace to our welcome visitors.we are still hospitable people with a unique and distinct culture and heritage to share with all who grace our shore.Yes our islands are changing but there beauty are here for all to enjoy. So when even you visit our islands remember to enjoy the peace and tranquility  we have to offer.Sail the caribbean sea, scuba dive and experience our crystal clear waters with different species of fish, turtles found only in our ocean, enjoy our white sand beaches  and our appetizing fruits and food.



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