Most Popular Types of Mattresses

There are many important elements that make a mattress supportive, comfortable and durable. There are several types of mattresses available today and of course each one is built a little differently, but in general the basic components are the same. It is a good idea to understand what is inside a mattress so that you exactly know what you get when you buy a new one.


Here is an overview of the most common kinds of mattresses available these days in the market:

1. Spring Mattress:
The spring mattress is the most popular and most common type of mattress. Its built is both simple and complex to create the comfort and durability that this type of mattress has.

There are three types of spring mattresses based on the springs used:

Individual pocket spring mattresses:
In this type of mattress, the springs are placed in an envelope and positioned individually. They support the different body parts point by point and react independently to the weight. Bagged spring has better support and a better sleeping independence than multiturn springs.

Multiturn Spring mattresses:
The springs are made ??of steel wire knitted, woven and shaped into a spire. Since the springs are stretched over the entire length of the mattress, it can support the whole body. This kind of mattress is suitable for anyone, even for those who are overweight. Multiturn springs feature a structure at the centre of the mattress which supports the last vertebrae in the lower back.

Biconical spring mattresses:
The springs are hourglass shaped, i.e. flared at the ends and tightened in the center. They react slowly and in proportion to the body weight. The mattress also supports changes in position of the user due to its dynamic support.

The biconical spring mattress is also known as the non-bagged spring mattress. The space between the springs and the tick, i.e. the tissue that coats the mattress is filled with synthetic fibers, cotton, foam, wool or cotton, depending on the preference of the manufacturer.

2. Foam mattresses:
Foam mattresses are the next popular kind of mattresses and are becoming increasingly common. These foam mattresses use memory foam made of viscoelastic polyurethane instead of coils to create comfort and support.

The memory foam has the capability to perfectly adapt to the body, thus imitating the exact figure. The spine is maintained in its natural position, imposing as less constraint as possible on the muscles and nerves, thus promoting muscle relaxation and blood circulation. With billions of open cells, the mattress allows air to circulate.

It is important to note that the foam can run from low to high qualities and this means that there can be a large difference in the prices of memory foam mattresses too.

3. Latex mattresses:
The main body of the latex mattress is primarily made of latex. This kind of mattress includes elements between the block and the ticking of latex which is a very strong cross canvas linen or cotton that is tightly woven.

Latex mattresses are cast in individual molds, are well designed and have a perimeter belt reinforcement. Due to this, latex mattresses have a long life.

Bedding hygiene is guaranteed by millions of cells where the air circulates freely. The latex mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, does not house microbes or bacteria and the users do not sweat on it.
The natural latex mattress offers unparalleled strength and great tone. It becomes an enveloping cocoon that releases muscle tension and facilitates access to sleep. It also provides support to the morphology of the body and gives full independence to users while sleeping.

Equipped with this knowledge on the types of mattresses, you shall not find yourself staring at the mattresses on display, finding no difference between them other than the price. Use this knowledge to make a better informed decision on which mattress to buy, the next time you visit a store for a mattress purchase.


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