Midwest Girl, Choices Determine Who We Are

 Do We Really Have Choices?


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Are there really choices in the world or is our future really planned for us? A midwest girl, born and raised 18 years, is given 2 choices.

Go to college or move to California with the family(mom,dad, siblings).

What Choices Did She Make?

She chose to go to College. Smart move! ( no pun intended) She is registered with the college of acceptance, has a dorm room and roommate established and very excited to go!! Moving day soon approaches and Dad tells “midwest girl” that she is NOT going to college and she HAS to move to California with the family. WHAT??? Her world has not only been turned upside down, the decision that was made for her has forever changed her life…. What would you have done with this decision?

Choices or Destiny?

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