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Welcome to 2sml.info where the knowledge is always best when shared… here sharing knowledge by writing will be anything but too small!

Now that we are online I think I should tell you what this article writing website will be all about.

We are about sharing what you know by writing about your experiences and ideas and hopefully making some nice dough in the process…

Writing about just about anything

You can write about anything as long as you remember that this will be a family oriented content site. Anyone abusing this will be placed on moderation, so please no profanity or adult content should ever be anywhere in your writing.

When writing, do not plagiarize content from other websites. I have seen duplicate content on other pay for writing websites, that were obviously not written by the poster and instead were taken verbatim from sites such as indestructibles or mother earth news… This will NOT be tolerated here!

Make your writing engaging and fun to read

You can write short stories, poems, blog posts, how to’s, recipes the choice of content it totally yours as long as it is original content or content that you already own the copyright too.

I will not go over your shoulders and make sure that your content is written like a pro, but please the editor will tell you if a word is misspelled so please make sure your content is easily readable and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Posts should be 400 words or more in order to be indexed by the search engines.

Make sure that you sign up for google Adsense and that you enter your publisher number so that you will get credit for your Adsense revenues. I don’t want you to miss out on any of your money that you are entitled too. If you do not have a publisher number you can go to

http://google.com/adsense and sign up using your profile here as your website url

Feel free to shoot me an email at mommyhen42@2sml.info if you encounter any problems and I will be more than happy to give you a hand

I have installed a number of features to give you a hand and to help you earn a decent income during your stay here. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them so that you can utilize them to the greatest advantage.

Don’t forget to join the message board and visit other members blogs and forums as well, the idea is to help each other and have fun.

Please remember to promote your articles on Facebook, twitter, Digg, shetoldme, redgage, and others to increase your Adsense revenues. The more you promote your sites the greater your income will be.

Write about what your passion is, what you know, your interests, hobbies, book reviews, product reviews, or even one of our requested articles once that feature is enabled.

Lets keep this fun, engaging and entertaining for our readers

So give us a try, writing about what you know can be both fun and profitable!



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