Learn the Guitar Notes – 6 Short-cuts

Learn the Guitar Notes

When first starting on figuring out how to play guitar among the first things that you will need to is study the guitar notes.

In the beginning this may look somewhat overwhelming. Each fret includes 6 person notes, for a total of 132 notes, on the guitar with 22 frets.

That is a lot to learn for a recent guitar player!

Here are a few things you can do to make learning the guitar notes easier.

1. First study the names of the open strings

A guitar in standard “E” tuning is tuned for the notes”

2. Learn how the guitar strings are “numbered”

Guitar strings are frequently described as several. String number “1” is the high E string, or the “skinniest” string which is “at the base” as you are holding the guitar.

The following another string numbers fall into place sequentially:

  • 1st string – E (high)
  • 2nd string – B
  • 3rd string – G
  • 4th string – D
  • 5th string – A
  • 6th string – E (low)

Understanding the string “numbers” is an important step in the entire process of learning the guitar notes.

3. Learn how exactly to number the “frets”

Fret will also be given a numerical value, when discussing various note positions to the guitar, along with string numbers.

That one is easy. Just start to the bottom fret on the guitar (closest to the headstock) and start with “one”. Simply count up from there sequentially before you run out of frets.

4. Brush-up on some theory

Music notes are simple to understand whenever you break them down. There are really just 12 tonal possibilities. First, let us take a take a look at the notes in the C major scale.

  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • A
  • B
  • C

These are the entire notes, and between these notes are notes that are called “sharp” or “flat” – with the exception of the notes E & F, and B & C.

So each of the note possibilities will be as follows:

C, C#(Db), D, D#(Eb), E, F, F#(Gb), G, G#(Ab), A, A#(Bb), B, C

That makes only 12 notes to understand!

4. Study the notes on the 6th string

When forming chords and identifying scales, rather than attempting to memorize all of the notes on the board, a simpler option is to just learn the notes on the 6th string to begin with.

This is because the “root” note of several chords and scales are available in the 6th string.

Learning the notes on the 6th string is possible by merely concentrating on learning the whole note locations. You can apply the points above as a benchmark for locating them the following:

  • 1st Fret = F
  • 8th Fret = C
  • 12th Fret = E (octave)

All these are pretty simple to memorize, and noting the location of the fret markers or fret dots will substantially assist in this process.

When you are familiar with these note positions subsequently finding an “in between note” that is a sharp or flat is fairly easy.

5. Pick up the notes to the fifth Guitar Notes string

There are likewise many chords that find their root note on the fifth string, where the 6th string isn’t included within the chord.

You will encounter this when playing barre chords in the “D” shape.

So to get ready for this, pick up the notes to the 5th string, using exactly the same process as outlined above in # 4.

6. Pick up the “octaves”

Obviously, with more than 130 possible note locations, but only 12 genuine notes, there are a number of places on the guitar fret board where notes are repeated.

Once you start on one note, and play upwards or downwards, and wind on that same note name again, you’ve encountered an “octave”.

Eventually, you can locate the octave for those notes on the other guitar strings, when you learn to locate the notes on the 6th and 5th strings.

That makes locating any note in the guitar much easier without the strain of trying to memorize each and every note location on the neck.

To Recap

The notion of needing to study the guitar notes may seem a little daunting in the beginning, however, by taking time to work on these few short-cuts you’ll know your way throughout the guitar neck right away!

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