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Google Analytics Resources Solutions

Google Analytics is one of the best tools any internet marketer could hope for and it is all free. It allows you to take an in depth look at how visitors react once they find their way to your site.


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Collecting such data would have cost thousands of dollars a few years ago, but now thanks to Analytics it’s very possible. Google Analytics turns out to be a helpful tool over the Internet regarding accomplishing your business endeavors.
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First you need to get over the view that many marketers hold that Google Analytics is complicated. This is completely not the case since Analytics proves to be sophisticated as a solution available at the touch of a button, and best of all it requires very little time or effort to get it exactly right.

Fundamentally Google Analytics will open up your site for you and give you an in depth look into how it works. To illustrate, you know your heart is pumping blood throughout your body, but you may not truly understand how it actually works. In a very similar manner, there are parts of your website that can be improved upon, if you know where and how to fix them.

In this piece we will contemplate a number of various advantages which may allow you to grow your conversion ratio, as well as your income.

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It’s disheartening when you take the time to create the website and then you get no convertible traffic. Sometimes it’s because of simple errors on your pages that are hindering traffic and impacting your conversion rate.

For instance, if you have broken links on your website, then it’s obviously bad news because people won’t be able to navigate and browse through it effectively. This affects your customer’s impressions of your site, the effectiveness of the SEO, and the overall revenues that could be coming into the business.

Google Analytics makes finding those error pages easy.

You need the customer’s error page, also known as a 404 page, ready so you can use Google Analytics to find it. Next, customize the title of the error page using a message and also your site name. Then proceed to the Content tab and select the ‘content by title’ link in your Analytics member area, so that you can paste your individualized page title in the ‘free text’ area. You then view the title of your page to see if there are any pages that are not working properly. Even if this is the only feature you use, you are saving yourself a lot of headaches.

Analyzing and correcting your ‘sales funnel‘ is another superb ability offered by Analytics. This procedure of optimizing and analyzing a sales funnel is really very easy and obvious, when using Analytics. First you must set the goal in the right manner, then you can see each stage of the sales funnel and maximize it the way you choose. This is a great tool that Analytics offers.

It will tell you how far into your sales funnel a visitor is likely to get before leaving. Once you have access to this type of data, it becomes easy for you to fix any problems that might be hindering the smooth flow. Google Analytics is a great tool for people who would otherwise have no idea whatsoever about the way their sites visitors act. When you can see how your site effects visitors you can start to improve it to not only increase traffic but convert that traffic.

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