Important Considerations For The New Baby

So Your Expecting A New Baby

Nothing compares to when you are expecting a new baby, there is so much to consider and do. Buying the right furniture and bedding for your new baby does not have to be stressful. Few things in life can compare to the wonders of pregnancy and giving birth to your new baby. But once the new baby is born, then comes the work.

New Baby

Preparing for the new baby

Many new couples are encouraged by family and friends that already have children to prepare for the arrival of the new baby long beforehand. Buying the crib is often the first and most confusing of the new baby essentials you are going to buy. Deciding on what is best for your new baby may be just as hard, Crib or bassinet, breast feed or bottle feed, if you are going to bottle feed your new baby you have to figure out which formula you will be feeding your new baby to get him/her off to the best start possible.

Do you want a crib or bassinet for your new baby?

Whether you buy a bassinet or crib for your new baby, you have to consider safety and the type of bedding. When choosing the crib or bassinet for your new baby you should usually not consider buying a crib from a thrift store or getting it from family members. There have been a number of safety recalls of cribs that were designed poorly and could potentially be dangerous to your new baby’s health or safety. Purchase your new baby’s crib or bassinet from a reputable source that will keep you informed of any potential recall information.

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, Espresso

Remember if you choose to go with a bassinet for your new baby, keep in mind that sooner or later you will need to buy a crib. Your tiny new baby will quickly grow out of a bassinet but they are good for when you have a very tiny new baby, so that you can make him/her feel more comfortable in their bed.

Once you have your new baby’s bed chosen it is time to consider the bedding. Safety is again a concern for choosing your new baby’s bedding. The mattress should fit into your new baby’s bed very tightly so that there is no chance that your new baby could fall down between the mattress and sides of the bed. There should also be some sort of padding between the sides of the bed and the mattress. This padding should not be made out of plastic or rubberized material. These materials can suffocate a new baby that rolls into it face first.

Inspect the material you choose for your “bumper” around your new baby’s crib or baby bassinet to ensure that it is not going to be a suffocation risk for your new baby. Also when you are applying it to your new baby’s bed, make sure that you are very careful when you tie it to the bed frame. A new baby that is beginning to explore could be at risk of strangulation from loose ties.
The mattress and bumper on your new baby’s bed should neither be too hard or too soft. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS as it is commonly called has been in some cases attributed to bedding that is too soft. Bedding that is too soft can form itself to your new baby’s nose should they roll into it cutting off the new baby’s weak respiratory system causing suffocation.

One of the most important things to consider buying for your new baby is a baby monitor. This device will allow you to listen in on your new baby thruout the day. This does not of course mean that you should rely solely on this device to monitor how your new baby is doing. The best thing is to consider a baby monitor as a “tool” and still check on your new baby several times during nap time.

Mobiles And Baby Play Stations

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Even newborns love to hear soft rhythmic sounds; these sounds can remind the new baby of their time in the womb and help to keep your new baby calmer. Consider buying a mobile or baby play station that plays soft music as well as has bright colors with some rhythmic movement as well.

Remember that a new baby has poor vision so these things can be lower over your new baby’s bed, but as your new baby becomes more mobile you will need to raise them out of reach. Play stations for baby usually attach to the side of the bed or crib so you need to remember to frequently check the attachments to ensure that it remains safe.

A Rocking Chair or Glider Chair is a MUST in any new baby’s room!

Coaster Mission Style Rocking Wood and Leather Chair Rocker

A cranky, colicky or crying baby needs to be consoled, and the best way to do this is with a rocking chair or glider chair. Babies instinctively relax with the slight rocking motion because it simulates again their time in the womb as you were walking around and doing your daily activities. This is why a car ride is the fastest way to put a new baby to sleep!

A Word about Baby Slings

At one time it was felt that baby slings were a great way to keep a new baby close to mom where they felt most secure and the close quarters of the sling could also comfort a new baby. But recently there have been some unfortunate infant deaths because of the use of these slings. Sometimes the new baby could roll into the parent or into the side of the sling and then suffocate from breathing their own exhaled carbon dioxide while trapped against the fabric. The parent would not immediately know that something was wrong because the new baby would have by all signs gone to sleep. Then the problem would not be identified until it was too late!

One last thing to keep in mind with your new baby is that as they develop and grow they become more mobile and then everything they see must be placed into their mouth! So one way to be sure that your baby stays safe is to keep in mind that if it can fit through a toilet paper tube… It could become a choking hazard! Cords for the curtains, appliances and other things can pose a choking hazard as well. If it has a loop cut it! If it is an electrical cord Block it! If it is an open outlet, Plug it! And if a baby can crawl under it… block access!

The biggest scare I had was when my 5 month old scooted/crawled under the couch and then sat up! He was terrified and I being home alone was frantic! If I picked up the couch how could I get him out from under it before I could no longer hold it up? Luckily my neighbor in the apartment heard me calling for help and came to my aid!

Play Pen

Graco TotBloc Pack ‘N Play with Carry Bag, Bugs Quilt

If you must turn your back on your baby, they Must be in a play pen or their crib! Only 5 minutes can create a problem!

Doors must have child proof handles and sliding doors must remain locked or your baby/toddler could open them and go outside unattended.

When my kids were grown I ran a reptile rescue and lived in a duplex. My next door neighbor had a baby. When he was almost a year old, he decided to go out their back door through he doggy door and came into my patio where I had the reptile cages. He unlatched a cage and crawled in with a 5 foot Monitor Lizard! Now luckily for me (and for him) that lizard was puppy dog tame and adored children, so he couldn’t have been safer, but the point is dad was watching him and fell asleep on the couch… Opportunity = action!

We survived all the dangers of being a baby then toddler, to child, adolescent and finally adulthood… Our parents were not as cautious and careful as we are today. We never wore helmets or pads when riding bicycles or roller skates…

Babies are helpless and depend on us for everything, but they are not fragile like fine china. Use caution when purchasing items for their needs, but do not live in fear of a bad outcome either.

Love your baby; they grow up way too fast!

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