I Nearly Killed Three Teenage Girls Who Were Texting While Walking!

Three girls Texting While Walking.

Imagine if you will for a moment, the following scenario:

The sound of tires screeching, then the impact of metal on bone was horrific. 3 young bodies, most likely weighing no greater than one hundred lbs. each, flew in different directions. The girl that hit my windshield was the worst of all. The blood splattered across the cracked safety glass, and her blonde hair turned red as her body rolled off my hood.

texting related car accident

I screamed at the moment of impact. “No..No.No!!”

My world was torn apart in an instant. The sounds were terrifying. Bone hitting pavement; vehicles screeching; pedestrians screaming. I couldn’t nail down the thoughts in my head much less what I was feelings. Horror, panic, anger, shock most of all. Attempting to reckon with the reality of what just occurred was impossible. I started praying “Dear God, let them be okay, please do not make this real”. I was begging as I flung open my auto door.

  • Are they dead?
  • Injured?
  • How badly?

I could barely stand as I stepped out of my vehicle. I didn’t desire to see the carnage in front of me.
3 girls.the lives they have been to lead were no more. The life I thought I’d lead was now stained; marred by this accident. The lives of parents, brothers, sisters, the innocent bystanders and eye witnesses, the other youngsters and classmates following behind the girls.all changed forever.
Sit down and absorb that. Try and picture the feelings if you ever had to say “I killed 3 teenage girls who have been busy texting and walked right into traffic.”
This situation was not a reality, but damn close. The only distinction is I didn’t hit them. Four occasions in the last 6 months, a group of girls walked off the curb and into oncoming traffic.

Each instance involved three girls.

Every single instant they were busy texting, shoulder to shoulder, focused only on the 3″x5″ rectangular screen in their hands. And every time, I played out the above scenario as I saw them stepping off the curb.
I thank God I was the 1 person they walked in front of. I drive continuously for my job, often around schools, and I’m acutely conscious of children and what I perceive to be an epidemic and addiction to texting. I think “What if I had been a driver who was so proactive?”

Let’s compound the issue much more:

“What if I was a driver texting at the moment these girls stepped off the curb?”

The reality is there will be twelve dead or seriously injured young girls.
Could you live with that?
In line with Margaret Haywood in her post Road Trauma: Dealing with loss and grief:
“Nowhere is the ripple effect of loss and grief felt as strongly as in the area of road trauma. It is often acknowledged that for every road death, an average of thirteen people are significantly affected; family and close friends, other parties to the accident, witnesses, service providers, and often where there is a multiple tragedy – whole communities.”

Texting has grown to be a horrible addiction in my opinion.

Not just drivers texting, but pedestrians texting while walking as well.
A lot of people are aware of the video on the lady who was texting while walking and walked right into the mall pond.

You are able to hear the men and women laughing, and I joined in when I initial saw the video. I believed it humorous but pathetic. Not so much so when it’s 3 youngsters texting while walking in front of oncoming traffic.

We can not help but laugh at the guy texting while walking right into an oncoming bear, but stretch the imagination out five seconds more, and it becomes a horrific scene.
Although I often think the government is becoming too big, I cannot help but agree with cities that something needs to be done about people texting while walking.

Discussions about Texting Should Begin At Home!

Dealing with the ever growing issue of texting while walking, driving, skateboarding ect really should begin with the parents, but unfortunately too many parents themselves are bad role models regarding texting – texting while walking, while eating, inside the movie theater, whilst driving.
I watched a video of somebody rant against the texting fines in Philadelphia. I found his arguments lame, self serving and simplistic.
Texting has grow to be an epidemic and an addiction. I think about the 13 year olds like my daughter who’re growing up with texting becoming second nature. A huge number of texts sent monthly – they instinctively know exactly where the keys are. It really is habit; it is instinct to reach for the phone now. They are getting conditioned.
So what takes place when these 13 year olds, who have currently formed a habit of texting while walking, begin to drive?

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