I just found bees, can’t I just do my own bee removal?


I just found a bee hive, what do I do???

swarm of bees

Once a bee swarm has set up their hive on your property, it can be a very huge problem. For sure once you see evidence of their bee hive, all you want to do is to remove it quickly. But then, you must think twice of doing that on your own, because this is not just mere removing of a simple pest insect. Removing a bee colony when you dont know what you are doing, could be very dangerous. Especially if the hive that you are going to remove is the hive of Africanized honeybees, or as they are commonly known “killer bees”. Don’t just do it by yourself and don’t do it without any knowledge on how to do a safe removal. When it comes to these things, there is a need for you to get the services of some professionals, those who are experts in removing beehives. And aside from their help, you also need to learn and acquire a lot of knowledge regarding this kind of bug removal, so that you already know what to do next time.

Why cant I remove the bee hive myself?

You must not try on doing this kind of removal on your own because aside from the fact that you likely don’t have the required knowledge; you also don’t likely have the proper equipment to do the removal safely. If you have ever noticed, experts wear special body suits and some unique gear to protect themselves when they are doing these kinds of removals. These specialized suits are the ones that will protect them from the majority of insect stings.

Bees can be dangerous, they were equipped by nature with a stinger, and often times they will use it to defend their hive if they feel threatened!

What kind of equipment do beekeepers use to remove bee colonies?

beekeeper in bee suit

Wearing these types of suits is not that simple and you must be aware that the temperature inside these suits can quickly become very uncomfortable very fast in the right conditions. However, if you are really determined to remove a beehive all by yourself, then you can do so at your own risk. But you have to make sure that the hive is not all that well developed yet. And also, it will be better if the bees that you are removing are just ordinary honeybees, because if this is the case then you are more likely to only receive just a few stings, rather than inciting an all out attack.

As I have said, hive removal is not just a straightforward and simple thing to do, because it involves specialized safety gear and a few procedures. It is important for you to know the proper method on how to remove the hive safely, so that no one will get hurt. You also need to know how to deal with the honeybees themselves, because there is a possibility that they will be upset and aggressive once they see that you are threatening the hive.

What if the hive is inside a wall?

bees in shed wall

If the hive is inside the wall, then you only have two options to discuss with your beekeeper

  1. Opening the wall up either from the inside or the outside and removing all bees and comb. This has the benefit of near instant removal, but you have to repair any damage to the wall that the beekeeper may do in the attempt of removing your hive.
  2. Doing what is called a trapout, where a one way exit is placed over the hive entrance and another hive with eggs and brood is placed nearby for the ousted bees to move into. This procedure can take a long time to do as oftentimes they find additional entrances to get back into the hive, which have to be plugged up. This procedure cant take from weeks to months depending on the level of difficulty in blocking all the entrances they find.

I want to learn more about bees and beekeeping

You should also learn about the type of beesuit and equipment that you would need to wear in order to protect yourself. In addition to that, you must also be aware of the necessary procedures that you must use in safely removing the bees.

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