How to use the Zemanta WordPress Plugin In Your Articles

Zemanta is one of the plugins that is provided here for our authors to use.

It appears however that many of our authors do not understand how to use the Zemanta plugin to their best advantage.

I hope to explain the Zemanta plugin so that our authors can receive the maximum benefit that this tool represents.

Zemanta is the box on the right side of your editor it suggests photos, related articles and tags.

As you begin to type your article you will notice that the plugin appears inactive. However once you have written about 50 words or so, the Zemanta plugin comes to life.

The Zemanta plugin has several features that will be of great benefit to you the author as you write your articles and the plugin will help you to earn more money from the articles you write.

Zemanta offers lots of features

There are numerous reasons why the Zemanta plugin for wordpress has been included here for our authors. So lets explore those features, so that you will understand the benefits of taking advantage of the Zemanta plugin.

Zemanta and Images

One of the first things you should notice is that Zemanta has a large image base and offers you a wide variety of photos you can use to add appeal to your articles. You have the option to simply click on an image provided by the plugin, and it is automatically placed at the top of your article, or you can drag and drop any image to any point within your article.

As your article progresses Zemanta will continue to scan your text giving you the best options of images for your article.

Note: One important thing to keep in mind when using the provided image tool, is that the image provided by the plugin, may not always contain the chosen keyword for your article. For higher search engine rankings your image should contain the same keyword that you are focusing on in your article. To change the keyword in the image that you have chosen simply click on the HTML tag in your editor, then find the Zemanta image code. Look for the place in the html of the Zemanta image that shows Alt=” there you will find a keyword or keyword phrase that relates to the Zemanta image. You may change the information after the Alt=” between the quotation marks to depict your keyword or keyword phrase. Then click back on the visual part of the editor and continue writing or editing your article.

Can I add additional information to images provided by Zemanta?

Yes, Zemanta allows you to add additional information to images.

You have the option to add more information to the chosen image at the bottom of the image where, you will find the image information such as the photographer, in the grey box under the image. Simply place your cursor inside the box and type in the additional information you wish to have seen there, but be careful not to remove any image information that is already there! In the case of the beautiful landscape image from this plugin you will want to insure that “Image by Bill Swindaman via Flickr” remains in the grey area.

How do I remove a Zemanta Image?

Yes, Zemanta gives you total control of images

If you have placed a Zemanta image in the wrong place in your article or accidentally clicked on the wrong Zemanta image it is a simple matter to remove it. Place your cursor over the zemanta image you wish to remove and click on it. Zemanta will show you a circle with a line through it on the image. Simply click on that image on the zemanta photo and it will delete the zemanta photo from your article.

Zemanta and the related articles tool

Zemanta also shows a listing of related articles recommended by Zemanta, that can give your readers someplace to look, for more information on your chosen topic. Again you simply need to click on the Zemanta recommended articles you wish to refer to and they will be automatically added to the end of your article by Zemanta.

Refine tool at the top of the Zemanta

Under the Zemanta tab you will see an image that looks like a magnifying glass followed by the word “refine” If you click on that it will open up a search box. You can type in any word or phrase that represents information or a photo type you would like Zemanta suggestions for your article. Then click the “go” button, if Zemanta does not find what you want, simply try a different keyword or phrase and try again, your suggestions will continue to change based on what you type there and the content in your article.

Zemanta can suggest tags for your article too!

If you look further down on the right hand side of your posting editor you will see a “tags” box. Zemanta will give you suggestions of search tags that people may wish to use that can help identify your content and gain better Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You may wish to choose all, none or some of the tags that the Zemanta tool suggests. Our system also allows you to add your own tags or use some of the most common tags seen in article posts all over our site.

Zemanta and In Text Links

Directly under your editor you will see a listing of in text links suggested by Zemanta these are links that provide information similar to your content where readers may find more information. You can use some, all, or none of these Zemanta link tags if you wish.

Conclusions About Zemanta and it’s benefit to authors

Zemanta gives you a  wide variety of tools all geared towards helping you attain higher search engine rankings, better SEO means more money for you the author as it helps you rank higher when people search for your content. Other articles in the Zemanta network that contain similar information to yours may be presented a link to your article or articles which will further increase your potential traffic and provide better Search Engine Rankings.

The better your search engine rankings the better your chances if earning more money from your articles.

I strongly suggest all authors take a closer look at Zemanta and use it to showcase their articles in a better light.


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