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Making Money Using An Article Directory

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Writing articles to make money is not a new concept; however since the advent of the article directory, helps anyone make money by typing articles has never been easier.

What Is An Article Directory?

Like the name implies an article directory is a website where there are a number of articles. Some of these articles may have been put up by the owner of the article directory, while others have been put on the article directory by writers wanting to make money just like you do. This website is one such article directory, and you can make good money here typing your own articles. We offer 90% of your Google Adsense income, while most any other article directory offer you 40% or less, some article directories won’t even tell you how much of your Google Adsense income you receive from the articles you write.

Do I keep The Copyright of my articles, If I Place Them In An Article Directory?

Most article directory websites do allow you to keep the copyright of the articles you produce, while others do not. Our writers compensation websites do allow you to keep the copyright of the articles you produce, so the article content you write here belongs to you and you are free to do whatever you wish with it and we do not retain any rights to use any of your article content. We encourage you to create a byline or signature to add to all your articles so that you can receive recognition for your hard work. You may also create a contact form if you like in your article’s so that people may contact you if they choose.

How Do I make Money Typing Articles For Article Directories?

Cover of Money From Home

Writing articles to make money working from home has never been easier! For those writers who are truly new to the idea of writing an article and of making money from those articles using article directories, you will be surprised at the earning potential your articles actually have for you. The most powerful aspect of article writing to make money writing for article directories is what is called “Creating A Passive Income” this is often what is referred to as “Making Money While You Sleep” as crazy as that sounds, article directories really work like that! If you want a lifetime “Set It And Forget It Income” then I strongly urge you to join our community of article writers and start writing articles to make money from home, while you sleep!

Google Adsense pays you for the advertising you allow them to place on your articles. Just how much money you make per article is dependent on a few things, but they are not in the scope of this article. Among those things are SEO and that and others will be topics of future articles.

How Do I Join This Article Directory?

Joining our article directory either here at or is simple, just create a log on identity and password on one of our article writers compensation websites, (You will find a link at the bottom of this article, but this website is one of our websites where you can earn a real passive income writing articles) Then Just start writing quality articles. In order to make money with Google Adsense you will need a publisher Id number. Simply go to and sign up. Once you have your publisher number simply go to your member’s dashboard and click on the link that says Authors Compensation and fill in your Adsense number without the “pub-” and start making money while you sleep!

What Other Ways Can I Use To Make Money With Article Directories?

Some article directory websites only allow you to use one external link. This is a link to a product or website you are promoting. There are lots of ways to find items to promote, to add to your passive income from article writing, such as clickbank,, commission junction and others. This article directory will allow you to put several links to products or services you wish to promote in your articles so long as your article does not begin to sound like a bad commercial full of links. We want you to write quality articles, because in the end it is quality articles that make you the most money!

If you want to promote your own electronic products and cut out the middle man, but don’t know where to go about getting things to giveaway or sell. I would suggest you consider joining has a free members area where up to and sometimes more than 30 products a month are available for you to download to give away or sell online. These products include websites, eBooks and software. There are 2 paid levels where even better online goodies are available to sell and make even more money by placing links to them in your articles.

By writing quality articles for article directories and providing places for your readers to get more information or purchase additional products you will create 3 streams of income. So you can see the potential for making a nice passive income using the power of article directories.

One other way you will be making money using the power of article directories, many people do not even realize is by others referring their readers to your content. When someone has a website that is promoting a product or service that you have written about, they may link to your article. That means that they may direct some of “their” traffic to your article in order to give their readers some additional information on the product or service that they are trying to sell! This helps you and the website owner create an even greater potential to earn a nice passive income by using article directories!
Your articles should be fresh new content; articles that are simply duplicates of the same old thing all over the internet will likely not make you much if any passive income at all. So keep it fresh and write quality articles is another article directory where you can Write How To style, articles on a variety of subjects, pays 90% of your Google Adsense income

About the author

Sheryl Wiesner writes a variety of articles on a great many subjects and has been writing online since 1992! She is the owner of this website and the other website listed in this article. She used to write for several other article directories such as,,, and others (her works are still on these sites) but she became frustrated over how little of your Google Adsense income they give you, especially when you consider all the other types of advertising they are paid from on their websites. While it is true you will be paid for the entire length of time your articles remain in these article directories, she felt that good writers deserved a bigger piece of the pie.

So she created these writers compensation websites to allow other writers to earn a greater passive income from their articles than ever before. She is positive that no other writer’s compensation websites offer their writers as much of their google adsense income as she offers.

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