How To Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday

Baby’s First Birthday

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Birthdays are among the most important events in our lives as it celebrates our arrival into this world, the celebration of a birthday is a commemoration of each passing year in our lives. But nothing is quite so important as baby’s first birthday!

But other than the day we were actually born, the most important birthday of our lives is one that we likely will never remember.

A Baby’s first birthday is the one that parents and family celebrate and it marks a baby’s change from infant to baby. No other birthday seems to be as important to us as a parent that our baby’s first birthday, closely followed by our child’s 16th birthday and then their 18th birthday, which signifies the change from adolescent to adulthood.

Why do we celebrate baby’s first birthday, or any other birthday for that matter?

There was a time in our history when it was rare for a baby to live to see i’ts first year. A baby that could live long enough celebrate  baby’s first birthday was a miracle to be celebrated with friends and family. Hence the tradition to make such a big family deal over baby’s first birthday! A baby’s first birthday brought on a feast like no other in early history. This is why baby’s first birthday is still celebrated today with friends and family!

Other birthdays were also considered landmark birthdays as well, but the scope of this article is on baby’s first birthday. Here are some great ideas to get baby’s first birthday off to a wonderful start that is sure to be the talk of the family for a while.

1. Planning The Budget For Baby’s First Birthday Party!

Planning baby’s first birthday can be a stressful time for parents, allot of thought must be given to the kinds of things you want to have at your baby’s first birthday party and unfortunately how much those things you want to do for baby’s first birthday are going to cost. This is the biggest reason why you must create a budget for baby’s first birthday. As much as we may hate to admit it oftentimes finances (or lack thereof) come into play when planning baby’s first birthday party, especially these days when everyone’s finances seem to be drawn so tight. So you may want to include other family members in your baby’s first birthday party budget plans, you may be surprised to find that grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives, may be quite happy to contribute some money or time into making your baby’s first birthday party a real hit!

2. Planning the entertainment for baby’s first party

Since baby’s first birthday party is actually more for the guests than the baby and there are likely to be other children at your baby’s first birthday party… Clowns are an all time favorite among children and adults as well, even if they don’t like to admit it, everyone loves clowns! Magic shows and puppet shows are another great hit for baby’s first birthday party. Both of these forms of traditional birthday entertainment are always sure to please, even baby will be amused, but don’t bring baby too close to the clown or magician as the bright colors and odd faces may be frightening. Nobody wants to scare the baby on his first birthday!

3. Plan the theme of baby’s first birthday party

Theme parties are always lots of fun for baby’s first birthday and the participants are sure to enjoy baby’s first birthday, no matter what you do. Considering a costume party for baby’s first birthday can be great fun for both parents and children alike. You can create a costume party along a particular theme or let parents and children pick their own costumes for baby’s first birthday. Face painting is something that you can do yourself or ask an artistic member of the family to do face paintings. If no one feels up to the task, then water-color tattoos make for a great second choice that the children at your baby’s first birthday party are sure to love!

4. Decide on the Decorations for baby’s first birthday party

Once you have your budget planned the entertainment figured out for baby’s first birthday party and have an idea for the theme of your baby’s first birthday party laid out, it is time to decide on the decorations you will be putting up for your baby’s first party. Balloons and streamers are often a first choice, but keep in mind the ages of the children that may be present at your baby’s first birthday party. Balloons pop and the loud noise may startle and frighten small children and definitely babies. Balloon fragments may go into mouths and could provide for a choking hazard. Small plastic toys often have removable wheels that could also pose a potential hazard to very young children.
Try to choose things that are bright and colorful and hopefully out of reach of tiny hands and fingers. Balloons and streamers are best used when securelythumbtacked or taped to ceilings. After baby’s first birthday party, older children may be given the balloons to take home if their parents agree.

5. Toys for Baby’s First birthday Party

Since there are likely to be older children at your baby’s first birthday party, you may wish to ask parents to bring their child’s favorite toy such as a big wheel or tricycle. Large soft brightly colored balls are also a favorite among children and are considered apropriate for baby’s first birthday party.

6. Decide On Some Games For Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Evaluate the ages of the other children that will be attending your baby’s first birthday party to help you determine what kinds of games you can offer your younger guests. Very young children may not be interested in puzzle games or board type games, but one favorite party game even with younger children is Twister. Even adults will have lots of fun playing this great party game. Very young children may simply appreciate having toys available to play with while older children may be bored with such things.

Planning your baby’s first birthday party is not only an exciting time for parents; it is for other family members and close friends as well. By encouraging total extended family participation in planning your baby’s first birthday party you not only create a fun family event but bring the family closer together as well. This needn’t be a stressful time for young parents if they include friends and family members in the planning of their baby’s first birthday party.

Follow these guidelines and you are sure to give the best baby’s first birthday party ever and not to mention a baby’s first birthday party that is likely to be talked about and looked back upon with smiles for years to come ;-D

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Baby’s First Birthday

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