How long can you leave a dog alone?

Leaving Your Dog Alone?

You have a dog, but you have to work, how long can you leave your dog alone?

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What About Small Dog’s

If you own a small dog, and he is to be left alone for  the entire day, then make sure he has enough water and he has access to an area to relieve himself or you will be almost assured of him having an accident in the house while you are gone. A small dog may need relieve himself as much as every three hours. If he is kept in a crate while you are away, make sure he has access to water.

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A good idea might be to come home during your lunch break if you live close by, or hiring someone to let him out to potty or  walk your dog to provide both mental and physical stimulation. This way he gets a chance to meet other people and dogs and help you prevent a home disaster. Small dogs may need to be fed more often because of their higher metabolism and tiny tummies. This is the reason that they must be allowed to relieve themselves more often than larger dogs.

Do I Need To Socialize My Dog?

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Socialization is the most important thing you can do for your pet. Getting him out to meet new friends and neighbors as you can once he turns 7-12 weeks old is extremely important. At this age the puppy holds the capacity to understand some situations. Early socialization is important as escapes can and do happen. The last thing any pet needs is to be both fearful of strangers and alone, lost and away from his family. The pet that is fearful, can not be helped in this situation because those who would want to help him, can not even get close to him.

If you have an adult dog, that needs to be fed only once or twice a day, it is simpler. The pet will eat in the morning or in the evening when you get home. You can let him out into the yard and take him for a walk in the morning and again when you get back from work. But try not to be out of the house more that 8-10 hours because he needs a schedule, This way he knows exactly when you will be home, when he is given food and when he will be walked. If you don’t give him a regular schedule that he can depend on, your pet will be stressed and the house could be a mess when you get home.

Crate Train Your Dog

A dog that has been trained to go into a crate will see the crate as his safe haven or den. To begin to crate train your dog it is important that the dog only spends a few minutes at a time in the crate at first. Gradually increase the amount of time your dog is in the crate. Feeding your dog in the crate will also help a dog feel at home and safe.

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Never leave any pet at home alone when you are planning to go on a trip or on a vacation. If possible take him with you, to a boarding facility or, if not, hire someone or ask some friends to take care of him. A pet that is left alone for days, may eat all his food at once and be hungry the rest of the time you are gone. He will also become anxious and bored wondering where you have gone, he may even feel as if he did something wrong to drive you away and become fearful.

It is important to spend more time with your dog. If you have to leave him alone a lot during work days, try to spend more time with him on weekends and holidays. Behavioral issues can be easily corrected if you just play more with him. Dogs need structure, but they also live for the pack, and you are his pack. Your Dog derives his stability and confidence from being with you!

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