How J.P. Morgan Nearly Killed Tesla’s Free Energy Device

Tesla Free Energy

The Tesla Generator can offer a number of dependable and effective ways for the average person to create enough free energy to meet the requirements of their entire household energy useage. You can do this without having to be constantly paying those high monthly electricity bills.

If you have not heard the concept of free energy before, you might think this to be a novel idea. In that case, you may be plesantly surprised to hear that the basic idea behind FREE energy generator systems can be traced back to over a century, right to a brilliant free energy invention by the renowned scientist and inventor, Nicola Tesla.

Absolutely Free Energy With The Tesla Generator

Even as early as 1899, Nicola Tesla invented a device called the magnifying transmitter. This device could convert radiant energy in the atmosphere to free energy without any additional resource for its operation. This should have been a revolutionary invention, as it meant providing electricity to millions and millions of people with very little or no cost at all, however until now this free energy technology has been hidden by big government.

Nikola Tesla Secret

Tesla Free Energy Mistake

However, Nicola Tesla was dependent on an investor, J. P. Morgan (yes, this is who you think it is), for financial support for his free energy project. Once J. P. Morgan realised the full impact of Tesla’s invention, he became far more alarmed than pleased, as it meant loss of millions of dollars, in terms of profit for the big electric companies. Tesla’s Invention could spell the end to financial gain by the electric companies, even then! He immediately refused any further assistance to Nicola Tesla for the development of the free energy transmitter.

Furthermore, he used his influence among other investors to make sure that no one provided any financial support for Tesla. And worst of all, Tesla’s laboratory was later found to have been burned to the ground. Though no evidence was found to indict J. P. Morgan, he effectively managed to spell the end of Tesla’s dream of free energy for everyone.

Tesla Generator Writings

The electric companies got what they wanted. Tesla’s free energy dreams remain a mystery to most people to this day. The electric companies are able to continue receiving millions and even billions of dollars in total profit every year on the backs of an unsuspecting and hard working public.

But even amid such devastating setbacks, Tesla refused to give in under the pressure completely. Even though he no longer had the financial backing needed to develop his magnifying transmitter the way he had intended, he still constructed a miniature version of it. This scaled down version of the device could not produce energy in large amounts. But it still provided the much needed proof of the free energy concept by proving that it was a real working device capable of producing electricity.

That was more than enough needed to keep the idea of Tesla’s invention alive!

Even now a few scientists, engineers, and even hobbyists, maintain a keen interest in Tesla’s invention; and soon, more and more people were building these devices for free energy based on one principle or another of Teslas ideas. As the trend caught on, albeit among a minority of people, we now have a century of research, analysis, invention, and improvement on a number of methods to produce electricity from free energy resources.

Free Energy Devices just represent a class of a much wider range of products invented. Even with abundant money, power, and influence, and despite their best efforts, the electric companies could not completely quell the concept of or inventions on free energy!


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