How Did Dog Cancer Get Started In My Dog In The First Place?

Can Anybody Tell Me, How Did My dog Contract dog Cancer In The First Place?

The Causes of Dog Cancer Are Varied And Complex

Dog cancer, just as people cancer is a rather complicated topic. Just as in cancer with people, dog cancer begins in the DNA or basic building blocks of life. Our DNA directs every aspect of our cellular structure and no two organisms are ever exactly alike, however with dog cancer there occurs a basic change in the DNA structure that causes cellular growth to explode out of control. This exponential cell growth is called cancer.


nearly one out of every two large breed dogs develop dog cancer!

In our dogs DNA they (like all living organisms) have a complex chain of genes this is what makes up DNA and every gene is responsible for some portion of our dogs bodies and defines our dog as a particular organism as well as how they look, think and behave. For example our own DNA directs us to be human while a dogs DNA directs them to be a dog and humans give birth to humans while dogs give birth to dogs and not vice-versa. These genes are also responsible for pigmentation, body size, sex, behavior etc… But when these genes go awry and the body’s cells replicate out of control, cancer occurs.

Changes in DNA causes dog cancer

The reason that I point this out is because in order for dog cancer (or people cancer ) to take effect something unusual must happen within the DNA of the cell that makes up the organism. In normal cellular replication one gene is responsible to turn on cell growth while another gene is responsible to turn off cell growth.

When a “carcinogen” changes the DNA this basic body construction changes, causing the gene that turns on cell replication to speed up while the gene responsible for cell growth inhibition is turned off. This allows for a proliferation of cells within the affected area creating what is commonly referred to as cancer .

The elements for dog cancer are in the environment

boar bristle

Mickey has a dog cancer tumor (Photo credit: patti haskins)

There are many things in our environment that are considered carcinogenic, including viruses, bacteria, chemicals, radiation, free radicals, toxins etc. The bottom line is that canine cancer, just as in cancer with people, is caused by DNA damage. You can’t prevent exposure to carcinogenic substances in the environment, as they are all around us, however the dog cancer development process is even more complicated than just what I have mentioned so far.

We still have much to learn about dog cancer

What is not known about dog cancer development could fill an entire library, while what we do know about dog cancer could likely fill only one row of shelves.

Much more research needs to be done in order for science to fully understand what makes cancer grow like a wildfire in some individuals while others in the exact same environment, under the same conditions never develop cancer.

True, it seems that there could be a genetic tendency within families towards the development of cancer, but the genetic tendency for cancer, does not mean that cancer will occur in given individuals within that family.

Dog Cancer Conclusions

Cancer causing agents are all around us, but this does not mean that our dog will contract dog cancer. Dog cancer like other cancers requires a set of circumstances to occur, of which we are only just beginning to understand. We do know that when dog cancer does occur certain things we do as owners can help improve our dogs chances of surviving the dog cancer for an extended period of time where the dog cancer is said to go into remission.

Dog cancer like cancer in other species, occurs when a complex set of changes take place within the DNA or basic building blocks of life. These  DNA changes confuse the body into continuing to replicate cells long past the time when cellular production should have normally been turned off by the body.

Where Can I Learn more about dog cancer?

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