Hopefully learning from other peoples mistakes.

Hopefully learning from other peoples mistakes.

Deep in the ocean there is a place where only divers can explore the wonders and beauty of the sea life. Schools of exotic fish swim rampantly around the gorgeous colors, that can only be the sole creation of Our Father in Heaven above.
There are thousands of Crimson Fire Arrows, Speckled grouper, Green-fin Betas, and Fin-less Spot-anuses and hundreds of other rare species every where you look. The astonishing simplicity of all the beauty will make your mind explode with excitement!
Being face to face with this magical and mysterious underwater world, would be the ultimate in adventure for your whole family to enjoy. One could probably visit an Aquarium to get a glimpse of what lies beneath us everyday.

Then came BP! They dumped an obscene amount of oil in our ocean and a lot of the sea creatures were doomed to sure death! The gorgeous waters quickly became a sluggish black sticky mess! Thousands and thousands of innocent lives were taken by the hands of man, and for what reason?

Pure carelessness and nothing more. Yes they paid a pretty penny in fines but no amount of money could bring back what was lost. And who is paying those fines? That’s right, we the people are paying high gasoline prices everyday to compensate those men, like it is our fault that this happened! If our jobs were not so far away, I would rather ride a bike to work or walk to the grocery store and push my cart full of goodies home.

A beach after an oil spill.

A beach after an oil spill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How could man be so nonchalant about such a tragedy like this? We need to do more as American citizens to help prevent such disasters from ever happening again. But how? Buy less oil and gasoline? Like that could be a reality! We unfortunately need these things in everyday life. It is what powers simple living. To bad we could not all go back to the pioneer days where we all got around by horse and buggy! But even then we would  need some sort of oil to grease up those axles to keep those buggy wheels spinning properly. We could use fat perhaps, like that from a slab of bacon! But that leads back to the death of innocence. Man, I need to become a vegetarian! Live off my land and hard labor from dusk until dawn.

I am tired of making the government richer while I struggle from day to night. To be able to own my own property and to live off what I grow would be an incredible feat for me. But instead, I am right here with the hustles and bustles of the daily life. Paying the exorbitant prices of electricity, water, garbage and lets not forget the rent! Plus the high cost of food. To feed a normal size family of 4 usually runs in the neighborhood of $200.00 and up to $400.00 WEEKLY!

Wow! Now imagine if you will, if you had a large family, how much more that would cost! I have a very large family so most of our money is spent before it is even earned. If we have 49 cents left before we get paid again, we are blessed. But then something always comes up and we need that bit of change plus whatever else I can find inside the couch cushions, the laundry or maybe even some dropped change that rolled under the beds. And where do you suppose it goes to? Gasoline! So we can go pick up our checks and start this grueling process over again.
Yes, the luxurious life of being a home owner. I would have my sons build the house and I would get my power from the sun, I would have everything running on solar power. I would grow as much vegetation as I could, and live happily ever after as a completely converted vegetarian!

As large as my family is, this would be the best thing since Apple Pie Ala-Mode! All the kids and grandchildren could help around the house and out in the garden where it will bountiful and oh so plentiful, we could make those apple pies like there was no tomorrow. It would teach the youngsters how to appreciate things in life and have a true respect for the land and all its occupants, above sea and below! Then maybe one day we can take a trip and go visit one of those beautiful aquariums and just stand back in awe of all its beauty. Plus we could have a road side fruit-vegetable stand and help raise money to donate to the Aqua Marine Wildlife and get some of those poor little animals back to health and help set them free, back into the gorgeous underwater world.


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