Honest Review Of Flex Seal – Liquid Rubber In A Can

My Review Of Flex Seal Liquid Rubber In A Can

Before you spend your money on Flex Seal consider these instead.

Spray on Truck Bed Liner   Image by simonov via Flickr

By now everyone has probably seen the commercials for a product called Flex Seal

Unfortunately my father in law recently saw the commercial for Flex Seal

Since he saw the commercial for Flex Seal he has been bugging me to check out and buy the Flex Seal Product. He was greatly impressed with their screen door on the bottom of a plastic boat gimmick.

My father in law spends most of his time watching TV and his favorite thing to watch on TV is Infomercials so he has already spent a couple of hours infatuated with the claims made by the promoters of Flex Seal.

First and foremost I must admit here that I have not purchased the product, so I do not have first hand knowledge of the product. However I have scoured the internet in search of reviews and have personally spoken to a few people who have purchased Flex Seal Liquid Rubber In A Can.

Because of this, I have been able to witness the Flex Seal after it has been applied to a surface.

I have been told of the following problems and strengths of Flex Seal and must admit I am impressed with the product, however I do believe there are very similar if not superior products that do the same job for far less money!

Ordering Flex Seal Online Or Over The Phone

The customer phone order line for Flex Seal is less than adequate, it is automated with no apparent way to reach a customer service rep for more information. The phone order system used by the marketing company,  has poor voice recognition software and has (according to reviews for the product) for numerous customers created duplicate orders, or ordered 2 or more sets of the product when only one product was wanted. Unsatisfied customers of Flex Seal warn that the shipping and handling charges for 2 sets of Flex Seal is $39.80 dollars! That is in addition to the $39.90 charged for the 2 sets of Flex Seal! So for 4 cans they charge your credit card a whopping $ 59.70 plus applicable taxes!

I myself experienced this problem when I called Flex Seal asking for more information… I was never able to reach a customer service rep and the phone system had my address and last name already in it’s attempts to pressure me into a Flex Seal purchase! It would give me different amounts of product that I had supposedly stated that I wanted to purchase when I made no such request of the system. Repetitiously pressing 0 for operator got me no where so I hung up. luckily I had not given any credit card information!

What is my impression of the Flex Seal telephone ordering system?

Don’t even try it if you are intent on ordering this product!

You will likely get far more product than you bargained for if you attempt to purchase Flex Seal over the phone!

Flex Seal has numerous complaints listed on Amazon.com and other consumer sites with regards to their ordering system. Customers of Flex Seal have had extreme difficulties obtaining refunds even after refusing delivery of the Flex Seal shipment when orders of Flex Seal were processed improperly. On one occasion a Flex Seal customer actually had to threaten Flex Seal with a law suit in order to force them into providing a refund for a refused Flex Seal Shipment!

What about ordering Flex Seal from their website?

The Flex Seal ordering system on the internet seems to be rather straight forward and everything is included on one form that arrives as a pop up.

Since I did not make a Flex Seal order online I do not know if the Flex Seal website bombards you with a variety of other offers intent on encouraging you to spend more money with Flex Seal. Based on my experience with other types of infomercial sale websites, I am assuming that Flex Seal does.

My overall opinion of Flex Seal ‘s ordering process

Be very careful if you decide to buy Flex Seal. Flex seal has a history of ordering difficulties and creating duplicate orders, causing your credit card to be billed for more than one order of Flex Seal. Attempts at correcting ordering errors of Flex Seal seems to be met with poor customer service, leaving many Flex Seal customers to simply suck it up and eat the extra charges caused by the ordering system that Flex Seal utilizes!

Customers have repeatedly reported duplicate orders of Flex Seal when only 1 order was wanted.

Flex Seal has then gone to great lengths to make obtaining refunds (even when the Flex Seal product has been returned) extremely difficult.

It appears clear to me that Flex Seal will continue to make errors in product orders, Charge for duplicate orders, and claim that an order of Flex Seal has been corrected when it has not, so that they can charge the consumer for more than one order of Flex Seal thereby increasing Flex Seal ‘s bottom line.

It would appear that it is to the advantage of Flex Seal to continue this deceptive practice until more consumers voice their problems with Flex Seal and insist that Flex Seal change their ways!

My Conclusion about Flex Seal

Instead of spending your hard earned money buying Flex Seal either online or over the phone, go to the local automotive store and purchase any one of the Spray on Truck Bed Liner products instead! Or better yet save even more  money and get more product with something like Duplicolor or Herculiner!

boar bristle

You can get a paint on version like this for considerably cheaper!

There are also spray can versions of this same type of product

Better Yet, buy it at your local automotive center!

Many automotive stores sell spray on truck bed liner which is a liquid rubber in a can that has proven to be a durable, flexible product that may actually be a far better product for the money especially if you compare the price per can!

Save yourself the financial and stressful headache and do not order Flex Seal, instead go to the local Automotive Store!



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