Hellish blog setup made easy by the very best blog company

Hellish blog setup made easy by the best blog

My aspiration has always been to work from my house with the flexibility to call my own shots and have my compensation commensurate with my efforts. I had a short lived taste of achieving success with a vacation multilevel marketing organization, but special circumstances in my family life did not allow me to continue. The taste of networking was fairly sweet though, and my palate craved more.
When my daily life finally settled down this past year, I looked around and very carefully chose a terrific company to join. The company has great leadership, the only merchandise of its kind in Multi level marketing, (which has risen in value since I bought it – a double win, but that’s for another blog) and awesome training for most people.
But something was missing. My success wasn’t as foretold as I thought. The Network marketing business has changed, as have my life and time commitments since I was in mlm marketing 10 years ago. In this age of Skype and video conferencing, home meetings seem to have gone the way of the Dodo. My family’s construction business is all time consuming, especially in this down economic climate. My teenage youngsters, who are my priority, need more time and guidance from their Dad than ever before. And, as usually is the case when you cease seeking, a wonderful lovely lady entered my life.
Hellish blog setup made easy by the best blog
I had to yank the reigns way back on my new organization time commitment. An 8 Day Marketing Boot Camp grew to become more of an 8 Week Anxiety-Trench-Crawl-Under-Barb-Wire exercise. I’m no dummy, but attempting to comprehend this new technology was a daunting challenge.
As life’s tempo finally slowed and settled into a nice rhythm, I jumped back into my business, open my email and was assailed with 500 email messages from the different gurus, leaders, company updates, and marketing blogs! Arggg! Like those Sunday morning cartoon shows, my eyes grew to the size of spinning saucers. My first impulse was to purge the mail and start from scratch. The tickle in my gut suggested different though, and one thing I’ve discovered through my personal challenges is to tune in to my gut.
I resolved to start from the oldest e-mail and make an effort to catch up on all 500 emails, with new ones arriving daily. It was a discouraging task and I wasn’t delighted. In fact, with the little time I had allotted to give this home business, I found I was spending my time learning and not selling. I ended up being more overwhelmed than ever. After all, one can only cut a pie into so many pieces.
Enter David Wood – A.D.D. Hippie and the best blog

23 email messages from the bottom was an email coming from Dave Wood inviting me to The Empower Network, hyping it as the best blog system. I had previously signed up with Dave with MLM Global takeover, and began diligently training and finding out new skills. It was more difficult than I first thought; the learning, the geeky aspects, the time constraints, and being able to keep some momentum and retention when there were continuous days of getting up at 5 a.m., stopping my daily grind at 10 p.m., and then trying to comprehend the geek language that is online marketing. It became an every night hair puller and desk pounder right about midnight.
I’ve trusted Dave, maybe by reason of his lack of pretentiousness, maybe because, however uneducated, un-computer savvy, and unskilled I am at online marketing, that wiry, wild haired, mountain top guy seems to push me past the analysis paralysis and keep on moving forward.
Why Does The Empower Network Have The Best Blog?
Dave launched Empower Network to address the EXACT problems and state of my chaotic life. I do work long hours in a building trade small business we just can’t walk away from – too many people depend upon us. I do have enormous time consuming family obligations that I can’t neglect. I dived into multi-level marketing for my kids as well as me – why would I disregard my biggest “WHY?”
But Dave Wood really is aware that we can’t all just drop our employment and obligations and dive directly into online and web affiliate marketing. And with The Empower Network, I’m able to cut that time commitment pie into an astounding amount of pieces. Rather than still keeping up until midnight still mastering tech stuff after 8 weeks of hell, I’m penning this, my 1st blog, on my laptop – inside my auto, under the 11 a.m. California sun, while waiting around for a building inspector AFTER ONE DAY IN THE EMPOWER NETWORK!
Immediately, I knew I had located absolutely the best blog system! I recollect thinking how uncomplicated it was and thought “How cool is this?” Man, all of a sudden I felt like a seasoned techie with the best blog system ever! Just stay plugged in and success is yours for the taking!

There is no technical expertise needed to create the best blog ever! A few clicks and you’re on your way, so why not make money using the best blog on the internet to write about your passion, your hobbies, your interests, or whatever you please? So cash in now!

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