Have A Look At the Natural Home Remedies for Dog’s Arthritis

Natural Home Remedies for Dog’s Arthritis

Arthritis is painful for dogs and it’s also difficult for their owners to see their dogs suffer. Fortunately there are already a number of of natural methods you can use in order to help ease your dog(s) from the pain and disability that is often caused by this condition.

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Not all dogs respond well to the same natural arthritis remedy

As every dog is special, some natural arthritis cures which work best for one dog might not serve as well for another.

Glucosamine for your dogs arthritis

Glucosamine is an element that naturally is available inside of your dog’s cartilage. As dogs advance in years, their cartilage also becomes depleted because of over use. Because arthritis causes changes in the ends of the bones (joints) they lose much of the cartilage in the bones, the rubbing of bone on bone happens when your arthritic dog moves, and this becomes the primary cause of joint pain.

For a remedy to this damage in the joints by arthritis, these dogs must take a quality Glucosamine supplement so as to help his body to regenerate that worn-out cartilage. This supplement may also help your pet be a little more flexible and improve his activity level.

Another substance which works in the same way to relieve the damage of dog arthritis, and works in a similar manner to glucosamine to regenerate and enhance the cartilage is called Chondroitin. Because they work very effectively together, it is therefore important that you purchase a Glucosamine supplement that also contains Chondroitin..

One more superb product for dogs with joint or arthritis pain is as Omega 3 fish oil. Fish oil has contents which help to reduce the amount of the inflammation often found in arthritic joints. It works by way of soothing the pain and enhancing the dog’s joint function, Omega 3 makes an effective product to aid in the treatment of arthritis in your dog.

Weight and Arthritis.

It cant be stressed enough, an overweight dog puts a considerable amount of increased stress on his joints! It’s harder for dogs with arthritis to lose weight simply because of the fact that arthritis causes them pain when they move, which understandably causes them move around less which of course causes them to burn fewer calories. The correct amount of food your dog needed five years ago isn’t necessarily the perfect amount today. If your dog is overweight you must reduce his food intake in order to reduce the stress on those already painful arthritic joints.

Preparing a healthy diet for your dog is yet another natural solution for coping with your dog’s arthritis. If your pet is in very good condition and is maintained at a healthy weight, there will be less stress on the joints.

Keep the arthritic dog exercising.

I know that this sounds counterproductive, however if a dog’s joints hurt by moving, why recommend making them moving about? A dog has to move to keep the muscles strong. You simply need to pick exercises that aren’t too stressful on his joints. Running on hard surfaces which includes city pavement should be prevented. While physical activities on soft surfaces like grass is acceptable.

Letting your dog go for a walk with your supervision is of great help for its restoration of muscle and joint function. When you are going for a walk, allow your dog move at the speed the dog is most comfortable with. Swimming is yet another excellent option for arthritic dogs, because the buoyancy of the water helps take stress of the joints. Whenever you allow your pet to gain access to water, your dog’s joints are able to move without difficulty and less pain.

Do you already know that dog acupuncture is used as treatment to arthritis because it helps circulation to the influenced limbs, relieves muscle spasms and can even increase the dog’s endorphin levels which makes pets happier? Yes, it does. Acupuncture is also regarded as a natural remedy for dog arthritis.

We’ve shown that there are indeed lots of natural solutions to cure your pet dog’s arthritis, however the real task for you personally as a dog owner is to figure out the best way to cure your dog’s condition and for that reason, lengthen your beloved pet’s life time. You can by utilizing one natural remedy or combine just a few remedies to find out what works ideal for your dog.

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