Great Ideas For A Baby Gift Basket

What can you put into a baby gift basket?

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If you are planning on hosting or attending a baby shower for a friend or family member or will be attending a baby shower, what better way to express how much you care for them and the new baby, than by creating a baby gift basket! Baby gift baskets are the perfect baby gift idea for that bouncing new baby! And your friend or family member will appreciate your efforts to welcome their new baby into the world if you create their new babys, baby gift basket yourself.

What a Cutie Pie New Baby Gift Basket for Boys or Girls(Blue)

Themed Baby Gift

Themed baby gift baskets are always fun, so while you are planning that baby shower, deciding on a theme for the baby’s day makes your baby shower even more fun. When planning your baby gift basket you want to make sure that not only should your baby gift basket be according to the theme, but your chosen baby related items for the baby gift basket should also be things that a new parent can use for caring for their new baby.

Baby gift baskets often contain items for the baby that is sure to not only delight the new parents and welcome the new baby but could also contain baby gift necessities like baby diapers, the brand of baby formula the new parents are using, educational style baby toys, baby clothes, baby shoes and other baby related items. Books on baby care make a great baby gift and are of particular use to many first time parents.

More Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Aspen My Little Night Owl Snuggle Sack and Cap, 0-6 Months

Sometimes it may be difficult coming up with ideas for a baby gift, this is why a baby gift basket is such a great idea! Instead of coming up with just one big baby gift your baby gift basket can contain several smaller baby gift’s. Your baby gift basket could also contain items for the baby’s nursery, such as colorful mobiles which can not only amuse the new baby but will stimulate the baby’s development. Lullaby music can help to soothe a cranky baby, and CD’s with nursery rhymes are usually welcome additions as well to a baby gift basket. If your budget allows and you want to do something really nice for the new baby when planning your baby gift basket, you could choose larger baby gift items that a new parent may need such as a baby crib, layette, baby car seat, baby stroller, a rocking chair to let the new parents rock the baby to sleep, a baby changing table and other baby related furniture also make welcome baby gift’s. Make sure the new parents do not already have these necessary baby items, of course before purchasing them for your baby gift basket.

Other more expensive baby gift items you could give new parents include digital cameras, video cameras, DVD and CD players, so that the new parents can take photos and videos of the new baby and create video CD’s of the baby’s development as well as other family interactions. These baby gift ideas are sure to please any new parent!

You could also include such items in your baby gift basket such as Toys R Us gift certificates, baby rattles, pacifiers and teething rings, infant cups, bibs and baby spoons can also be usefulbaby gift ideas for new babies parents. Baby bath products are also welcome addition to any baby gift basket and could include such items as wash rages, baby powder, baby shampoo baby towels, baby wipes, bubble bath, small brushes designed for babies. These baby gift items are considered baby essentials that every parent needs.

Baby Gift Basket Ideas When There Are Siblings

How do you go about creating a baby gift basket if the new parent already has another child in the house? You could also include items in the baby gift basket that the new baby’s brother or sister can use to help care for baby, such as simple books that they can read to the baby, soft toys, piggy banks for both the new baby and the new baby’s brother or sister, you could also include in the baby gift basket, toys or gifts for the new baby’s brother or sister so that they don’t feel left out and become jealous. Keep in mind that the baby has been brought into a new family and all of the family must be encouraged to be involved in the baby’s care to help reduce sibling rivalry.

If you are the one planning the baby shower, don’t forget the baby shower announcements and invitation cards to the baby shower. Things for the new parents are also welcome items to a baby gift basket, such as gourmet food, wines and gift certificates to their favorite restraint for a romantic night out. You could also offer to watch baby for a night so that the new parents can feel free to use the dining gift certificates and enjoy a rare evening between the two of them. Such nights out with a new baby can be difficult but are much needed to reduce the stress involved when caring for a new baby.

New parents often appreciate a baby gift basket that you personally created just for them and their new baby, much more than if you just went out and bought a quick baby gift without putting much thought into it, so be creative and make your baby gift basket unique as well as useful to the new parents and your baby gift will be sure to be not only appreciated but used for a long time to come.

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