Getting a Bargain Self Storage Unit

Self Storage For All Your STUFF

At some point in life you will find yourself up for your eyeballs in stuff and your quest to find great, cheap self storage will start. While you may not be ready to part with your belongings you may even not be ready to pay a lot of money to store them. You might think how the words good and inexpensive don’t go hand and hand but on the planet of self storage these people sometimes can.


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There will of course be certain factors you want to look at before you give any of your money away for a self storage facility. You will want to consider things such as security, gated or not, and access to the unit for yourself, and these are questions you need to ask every self storage device facility you talk to to be able to help you make your final decision.

Finding Cheap Self Storage

Finding a cheap storage facility can be a daunting task or it can be an easy task, it just depends on how you go about this. Here are some ways that you should find good cheap self storage:

Finding Self Storage Online:

To find an inexpensive self storage locker in your local area all you need to do is conduct a Search engines, Yahoo, or Ping search with regard to ‘cheap storage units’ followed by your zip code. This will bring upward any storage unit facilities in your local area that use the word ‘cheap’ in their description. You can also attempt ‘low cost’ or ‘affordable’ in your search in addition to many business owners will shy away from the word cheap within their advertising. Once you locate a handful of storage unit facilities in your town call them up and ask all the questions you want answered.

Yellow Pages: This step will require just a bit more leg work in your part. You begin by searching in the yellow pages under ‘self storage’ after which just start dialing amounts. Your first phone call will be simply asking how much they charge for the ideal size self storage unit per month. After you have called a few dozen or to help you see which ones offer the cheapest prices and after that call those specific storage unit facilities back and ask all your questions then.

Hit the roads: This step will certainly take you the most period of time. It entails you getting in your car and driving towards the different self storage facilities as well as acquiring price information. One advantage to this type of searching is that you actually get to see firsthand the way the facility looks. You can simply browse around in stealth mode or you can actually ask all the questions you want and request to see the you are considering renting. If you are not inside a talkative mood, go with the stealth operation and make sure to get a business card to be able to call the cheaper self storage unit facilities at another time.

If your area is much like most areas in the united states these days, there are a quantity of different self storage facilities that you’ll have to choose from. This is a good thing for you as they’ll all be trying to undercut each other. With just a little work and a number of questions asked you too will find a good cheap self storage unit.

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