Get Some Respect And Get Your Girlfriend Back

Now that you’re officially broken up with your girlfriend, I want to ask you something. Have you noticed that there was or is a lack of respect coming from her? Before you broke up and since the breakup there’s a pretty good chance that she started treating you as if you were stupid or like she didn’t respect you anymore. This attitude is the reason why she broke up with you. It’s not the reason that she gave you when she sat down with you for your little breakup talk.

Get Her Back

For a woman to be in love, she has to respect the man that she’s with. Sounds simple, right? You think that you’re a good guy. You were nice to her. You treated her well. If nothing else, when you did something wrong you apologized and asked her to forgive you. There was your big mistake, buddy! Being good and kind and nice and trying to make her happy has caused her to lose respect for you. It probably started happening slowly but before you knew it, she had little or no respect for you.

I know that you’re thinking that every woman out there says that she is looking for a good guy that treats her well but this isn’t necessarily true. A woman does want a guy that’s not going to cheat on her or hit her or yell at her but there’s a thin line there. Being too nice and accommodating leads to a woman losing respect for you.

You have seen these guys portrayed in movies or even out in public. You would probably cringe if you were able to see yourself and how you behaved around your girlfriend especially near the end of your relationship. I know that you love her and you would do anything to make her happy but you went a little overboard. You tried too hard. You were too good and kind.

You have probably heard that women like bad boys. How do you get to be a bad boy without being absolutely cruel to her? A bad boy is just a way of describing a guy who does what he wants, goes after what he desires and who challenges a woman. Women will often test a guy to see how much of a man he is. A bad boy will pass these tests and if you don’t pass the test then she will lose respect for you.

For instance, women calculate how needy a guy is and test him according to may different tests. How much garbage will you put up with and how you react to her poor behavior is the general gist of these tests. They come in many forms but the whole idea is to see how you act when she is late to meet you, answering a text message or a phone call. These are little tests. Do you get upset? Do you say something about it? How quickly do you respond to text messages and how long does it take her to respond? Even the length of your messages when compared to hers are taken into consideration by a woman. Do you whine or get upset or appear annoyed when she becomes demanding or if she starts bossing you around?

Caring too much in any of your interactions or reactions to her tests spell certain death to how much she respects you and your relationship in general. Joking around, testing her yourself when she tests you and challenging her when she tries to boss you around are all acceptable reactions. Acting needy or chasing after her are all poor reactions and ones that you will need to keep in check if you hope to win her back. This means not replying to her text messages right away, changing plans to suit yourself when she tries to control a situation and ignoring her reactions are all ways that you can get some of that respect back.

You see, a woman wants a man that is going to lead. If she has lost respect for you then you’re going to have to be brutal in how you treat her. This doesn’t mean getting angry with her. This means that you’re going to have to overcome that instinct in you that tells you to do whatever she wants to win her back. You’re going to have to go against your instincts and think of yourself first and not her. This often means that you have to appear to walk away from her and the relationship so she can be the one chasing you. Women like this.

I know that it sounds crazy but we’re talking about women here. It is also a simple matter of relationship dynamics. One person has to be the one chasing and the other one has to be the one that is being chased. Which one do you want to be? Do you want her to chase after you? I bet you do. If so then you’re going to have to appear to walk away from any situation that feels like a test. You’re going to have to appear not to care or appear to be done with her garbage. This might take nerves of steel but in the long run this stuff works. Try it out for yourself. Don’t reply back to her text messages right away. Calculate and measure everything and watch things change. If you are strong and ruthless in playing this game the right way you will see changes rather quickly and she’ll beging chasing you. This is your first step in getting her back.


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