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Who doesn’t want a head of beautiful hair which will turn heads? A head of healthy hair is indeed attractive and instantly transforms your appearance. One of the secrets of beautiful hair is a regular, healthy diet while some people are simply blessed with great genes. But anyone can have glossy, shiny and attractive hair with some simple and easy ingredients found right in your kitchen. Before attempting any of these homemade you must remember that your scalp should be clean and oil free.

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One of the easiest ways to remove product build up and deep condition your hair it to apply a mixture of any plant based oil and lemon juice. Warm olive oil is an excellent choice for dry hair while coconut oil is better for normal to oily hair types. Take a large table spoon of the oil of your choice and squeeze in the juice of half a lemon, apply to your scalp and hair. Leave in for half an hour to one hour and shampoo as usual for shinier and absolutely grease free hair. If you heat a towel and wrap it around your hair for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times while the oily concoction is on it you will achieve even better results. The minerals and vitamins in organic oils nourish the hair while the lemon juice will also ensure that you remain dandruff free!

You can also choose to leave out the lemon juice part altogether and just apply the oil of your choice. But first make it lukewarm and apply it to your scalp with gentle circular motions until it is completely absorbed in to the hair roots. This can be done before going to bed and shampooed off in the morning. Oiling your hair regularly will make it super soft at the same time accelerating its growth.

The best part is that this is not some new fad but a tried and tested formula which has been in use for centuries with promising results. It has also been known to fight hair loss by cutting off the production of a hormone DTH responsible for hair loss. Scalp and hair health is largely promoted by the great amount of antioxidants present in oils especially olive and coconut oil. These oils are also well known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents further promoting the maintenance of a healthy scalp and hair. The increased blood circulation accorded by the treatment described above stimulates hair follicles promoting thicker and faster hair regeneration.

It must be kept in mind that though this method of maintaining excellent good hair-health is tried and tested it takes some time to show positive results. It is not a magical cure for all your hair woes but at least four weeks of application will bear positive results. It is easy, gentle and without the side effects of the chemical hair products many of which have been linked with cancer. Oil treatment is not only cost effective, simple and hassle-free, it is a natural and healthy way to beautiful and healthy hair.

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