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While our services can help you get quality backlinks to your website, there are some auto-submission softwares that can also help you build links and achieve better search engine rankings. While there is not a magic bullet to get your website to the top of the rankings, using one or more of these software programs along with our backlinks services can help you drive more targeted traffic to your site.

Covenant Web Services

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Covenant Web Services is an inexpensive program that automatically builds links to your website from a variety of sources. This has been a consistently strong backlinking program that doesn’t cost you a lot of money.

Article creation is an excellent way to develop strong backlinks, bring in visitors and subscribers and keep your website fresh. Search engines LOVE fresh content and Mass Article Creator and Mass Article Submitter are the perfect tools to use for fresh content. Article Creator helps you spin articles into readable, pertinent items with just a few steps.

Article Submitter Platinum allows you to submit your articles at random times to hundreds of high profile article directories. No manual submission, just set and go. While some spinning programs turn out un-readable trash, this program does a great job of creating countless, unique versions of your article. Article marketing should be a key part of your backlinking program, but it is important that you do it correctly. There is a lot of fluff floating around, poorly spun articles being passed off as original, but Mass Article Creator will help you put out quality articles that will be welcomed by all of the major article directories.
Magic Submitteris an exceptionally powerful software program that helps you set up accounts on over 500 different types of sites and then automatically submits your articles, blogs, photos, videos and press releases. This amazing program verifies emails, solves captchas, creates your accounts and posts your items automatically.

The submissions are done randomly to avoid spamming and are aimed at high profile websites, resulting in hundreds of backlinks to your site. This program costs a bit more than some but will increase your traffic, improve your search engine rankings and help create sales for your website. This complete SEO program will submit your website or blog to thousands of sites, building backlinks and sending your search engine rankings skyward.

Traffic is critical to the success of your website and, for better or worse, the search engines, especially Google, will control your fate. If your site shows up on page 20 of a Google search, odds are good that no one will find your site. While there are many factors that go into a search engine ranking, quality backlinks figure high in every engines formula. By using our service and one or more of these programs, you can help get your website onto page 1 of the search engine rankings and drive those targeted customers to your website.

Push your website to the top of the search engine rankings by Building Quality Backlinks

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