Dreamy Musings Of Land And Water?

Since time immemorial ports have been the gateway to other, more romantic worlds.

Where the water stretches as far as the eye can see until it merges with the sky and becomes one.

GFXTemplate / Pixabay

Though there are great adventures and excitements to be found on the water, a slice of adventure, romance and excitement is to be found in the ports too. The ports are places where the land and the sea merge and the people as well as the scenarios are in perpetual flux.

Ports straddle the boundary between the sea and the land.

The waterfront is edged with gentle hills rising to meet the azure blue sky. The hills themselves being clad in their garment of varying greens, emerald, jade and bottle green stand against the sky, a fresh blue filled with cottony white clouds.

The houses crowd along the water’s edge, clinging to the sides of the green hills. The houses painted white stand out in the bright morning light with the clear skies above them. The deep red mansard roofs of the houses glows a deep rich color in the sunlight giving homely warmth to the seaside residences.

The water is covered by a grassy green growth on its surface which somehow complements the verdant hills in the background, the white houses with red roofs and the clear skies.

There are several vessels docked at the water’s edge.

simonesaponetto / Pixabay

There are a number of smaller fishing dinghies which are the livelihood for the fishermen residing in and about the ports. The larger trawlers are also docked in the harbor.

It is a little later in the day as the fishing vessels are all docked and not out on the water looking for fishes as they do every day in the dawn.

The scene at the junction of water and land looks peaceful, undisturbed and seems to be dreaming while floating lazily under a lapis lazuli sky with snowy white clouds.

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