Dog Training Thru Leadership

Leadership Dog Training Methods

Guides to dog training are a dime a dozen in the market place today. If you want to see real results in training your dog, make sure to commit to training him. The most common myth in dog training is that you will not need to spend too much time on it. This cannot be further from the truth.

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Establish yourself as a leader when dog training

Research how to show your dog leadership in a way that a dog understands. Dogs are not humans, and do not think as humans do. Not knowing the proper way to teach leadership to a dog, allows him to assume he is your leader. If you confuse the dog, it may stress him and cause him to act out in negative ways such as barking incessantly, biting, or tearing up your property.

Aggressive dog training methods are not leadership training methods!

Avoid aggressive dog training techniques such as “rolling.” Dogs are domesticated pets, not wild pack animals, so it is ineffective to treat a dog like a wolf, despite the advice of certain television personalities. Aggressive training does not inspire trust and loyalty, both of which are essential for successful dog training. Those dog training methods only tend to build fear of you as the handler, and this fear leads to resentment.

Leadership dog training begins with puppyhood

The best way to potty train a new puppy is to pay attention! Keep your puppy where you can see him always. If you notice him sniffing around or starting to circle, quickly pick him up and take him outside. These are signs that he is ready to go potty.

When your canine has misbehaved, do not give it too much attention. In doing so continually, your dog will equate the bad behavior with receiving attention from its owner(it does not matter to your pet that it is negative attention) and this will only reinforce bad habits which are difficult to break in the long term.

Your best approach to leadership dog training is to ignore or break up the negative behavior, redirect to a desired behavior, then reward for your dog doing the desired behavior. An example of this is “NO” in a harsh voice (breaks the negative behavior), “Here” in a happy voice (redirects to a positive behavior), then reward with a treat or copious praise (reinforces the positive behavior). To recap, this breaks up the negative behavior, encourages a positive behavior, rewards your dog for doing the positive behavior.

Begin your leadership dog training in low stress situations

Not all dogs are comfortable around other dogs or people. The best way to train your dog to be more comfortable around other animals or people is to expose them to as many people and other dogs as often as possible, preferably earlier in their life. This will make them accustomed to being around others.

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When you are house training your puppy, remember, what goes in, must come out. To keep your puppies toiletry habits regular, feed him a high quality food 2-3 times a day at the same time each day. This will give you an idea of when to take your puppy out and lessen the chance of accidents.

When you take the time to build a valuable relationship with your dog, you are investing in a task that will reward you for years to come. Enjoy the great feeling of love and admiration that emanates from your pup and experience the type of dog that everyone wants to have.

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