Dog Training Techniques – What’s Required

DogTraining Techniques

When you are looking into dog training for your furry canine pal, you will want to take into consideration what type of dog you have. Each breed is known for very specific traits which will allow the dog to learn in a specific manner. You can utilize this knowledge to help you best train your pooch.


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Your dog should know how to “sit” like he knows the back of his paw! The “sit” command is useful for a multitude of reasons, and is a behavior that can be built upon. Use a “sit” gesture that is intuitive for his body – in other words, he should always be looking up at your hand, which will help him sit instinctively.

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What Age Do I Start With My Dog

The earlier you start training your dog the better. It is much easier to train a young puppy than it is an older dog. This is not to say that older dogs cannot be taught new things, however, it does take longer and more perseverance to train a dog the older it is.

Start training your puppy as early in its life as possible, but not younger than about seven weeks. This helps build an early bond between you as the owner and trainer and the dog. However, starting too early will simply overstress the young puppy; a very young puppy won’t learn anything from training sessions.

Understand Your Dog

Learn to understand what your pet is saying through facial expression. Many people fail to see what their pet says even though his he trying to communicate non-verbally with his face and body posture, just as we do. When you are training your pet, take some time to see how he responds to commands, rewards and your behavior. Watching his facial expressions and body posture, will be useful as training progresses and give you a better understanding of your pet.
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If you want your pet to stop digging, play with him in the yard. Many pups who dig do so out of boredom and the desire to get back at their owner. Playing in the yard with your pet offers him the socialization and exercise he needs, and it is also a fun way to bond with your favorite pooch.

Train your doggy so that living together is fun for both you and your pet. Living with a dog should not be a hardship, but it can be if you don’t take the time to research the type of training a dog understands. A pet does not think like a human, so learning how to train in a way they understand will make it easier for both of you.

As stated before, training can be difficult sometimes. They really do love to play, and will do so when training. They must learn proper commands before they obey them. Using the training tips from the article above, you can train your pet to follow your commands and become obedient.

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