Did you know that you can delay your period?

Delaying your period

Delaying your period is now a choice available to women these days, when earlier women simply had to endure the inconvenience, especially when they had a special event coming up during their period. The period delay treatments in the marketplace today have proven to work in preventing a woman from having their period for a time period of their option. These medications give you the benefit of exerting more control over when and where you’ll have your period. Apart from helping women in delaying their period for any specific period of time, they also provide them with other additional benefits.

you can now be in control of your period

Drugs that Delay The Period

Norethisterone is one of the most popular and effective period delay treatments utilized by women for delaying their period for some time period of their option. It consists of synthetic version from the female hormone progestogen — norethisterone – as its active component. The Norethisterone 5mg tablets work by imitating the natural womb environment for delaying your period. Progestogen, the natural female hormone, is responsible for maintaining the womb lining. When you are to possess your period, there is a decrease in the amount of the progestogen hormones in your body. When the level decreases to a certain level, the lining is shed as your menstrual bleeding.

The norethisterone tablets maintain the level of progestogen in your body, thus not allowing the womb lining to shed as menstrual bleeding. The doctors usually recommend a 5mg tablet to become taken thrice on a daily basis for delaying your period. If you are thinking about going on holiday or attending an unique event, the medication should be started around three days prior to your expected period day. The medication is to be continued until you will be ready to have your period. On stopping the medication, you shall have your period within 2 to 3 days.

Benefits of a delayed period

Apart from being a highly effective period delay treatment, Norethisterone can also provide you with numerous other benefits. This tablet can also assist in reducing the heavy blood flow that you may experience during your period. Norethisterone can make your periods more bearable and less painful. Norethisterone can help in treating pre-menstrual symptoms that lots of women are known to suffer from. This period delay treatment is also known to treat irregular or heavy uterine bleeding that is not related to your period. Another benefit that this medication gives you is that it can also help in treating symptoms of endometriosis.

Although this medication is quite effective and can provide you with a lot of benefits, it can also cause certain unwanted effects. Norethisterone, just like any other prescription medication, can cause side effects, the most common which are nausea, headaches, stomach aches, skin itching, skin rashes, depression, changes in your libido, dizziness, weight gain or fever. Some of the severe side effects of this medication consist of wheezing or facial swelling due to an allergic reaction. You may also create migraines, thrombosis, jaundice, high blood pressure or liver problems. This pill, like most others, can now be bought online through a licensed clinic after going through an online consultation

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