Crucial Preparations Just before Your New York Recording Studio Program

Recording Studio Preparations

Booking recording studio time could be a pretty onerous expense, running into tens of thousands of dollars. This puts hiring an expert New York Recording Studio out of the reach of most up-and-coming acts.


DRM Recording Studio (Photo credit: Chet Yeary II)

However, there are many other” Recording Studio” spaces that can serve just as well, if used properly. Generally, any room that offers a reasonable amount of living area and is insulated from outside noise would do as a make shift Recording Studio – the proverbial storage closet, or a church, finished basement or living room are all suitable candidates for setting up your own virtual Recording Studio and achieving great recordings. The ability to have mobile audio recording set up, using a digital audio work station, come to you, can decrease your Recording Studio cost significantly.

Setting Up Your Recording Studio

There are a quantity of preparations that are essential to make your recording studio  session go as smoothly as it possibly can. First of all, make sure that your instruments are in good working order and pay special attention to the condition of your drum set. Drum tuning can greatly help the overall sounds of your record. Make sure to load up your drum key, so you can adjust the strain of the rods (it’s recommended that the rods be tightened or loosened a couple of turns at a period, in a rotating fashion, like the process of securing fastening bolts on the mechanical housing). Also, don’t forget equipment you may want to use to modify the sound of the drum: if a drum has an excessive amount of resonance, it can be muffled with a number of techniques, such as duct mp3 or specialized dampening pillows, even band-aids can become quite handy.

Pre Recording Studio Rehearsals

Second, make sure to rehearse before arriving for your session or at least have a rough game plan regarding the songs you would like to record. Studio time can be costly, and the more you practice or make agreement decisions beforehand, the less time and money will be spent. This applies even to bands which have played together for a long period – you may know one another well, but a new make up could test your skills in unexpected ways.

Third, if you are the vocalist, make sure that your voice warmed up and ready when the time arrives. Practice your vocals, but don’t overstress your own vocal cords in the process. Stay hydrated, and do research on likely allergies, seasonal colds and other disruptions that could rear their ugly heads round the time when you’re scheduled to get to the recording studio and working with the microphone. If you’re a smoker, try to lay off the cigarettes, within the run-up to the recording studio date. Singing is a physical act, and the better form you’re in, the better your vocal performance. Remember that professional-grade recording studio microphones will pick up every rough edge and false note; things that may pass in a bar setting will stand out glaringly when recording.

Fourth, if you have decided to record music in a space other than an expert New York Recording Studio, there are additional considerations to keep in mind with regards to acoustics. First of all, before hauling in the recording studio equipment, test out the acoustics of the space, the way sound echoes from the walls and ceiling, and the way instruments blend in the setting. There are products that can affect indoor acoustics, such as audio blankets, that can absorb sound and slow up the cacophony and clash of echos in an ill-suited indoor space. Instruments can also end up being isolated from each other and people with acoustic dampeners or even “go-bos” (go-betweens).

It can be intimidating for a band to make the step and invest in recording studio time. However, New York Recording Studio will allow you to arrange a session that delivers high quality, while keeping costs reasonable.

With careful preparation, you will have every reason to anticipate that your personality, skill and ideas will sound just like good on a recording as they do live, likely even better!

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