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Due to the ever increasing amount of spam bot registration and subsequent load of totally junk posting from them. I have had to shut down the automatic sign up process, as I have found no way to let legitimate users sign up while still denying the spambots.

In leu of this, I know that there are people who legitimately wish to make affiliate money by posting valuable content that our readers wish to know about. For this reason I have placed this contact form here.

If you wish to write for us and share your knowledge, Simply fill out the form below and I will create a user account for you. Your posts will be on review until you have had 5 approved posts. After which, I will continue to monitor posts on this blog and remove unacceptable content. Keep copies of your articles, as I do not always have time to tell you that your articles are about to be removed, if there is not a great deal of articles to sort thru, I will try to put your unacceptable post into draft, if it is in draft I ask that you do a rewrite of your article and set it as pending for review before publishing it again. If it is good content, that is valuable to our readers you can rest assured that it will not be removed, unless it is Adult Content.

That said, you can ad 3 affiliate links to your content, including adsense. Any more will than 3 may be cause for the removal of your article. All articles must be in excess of 400 words, and written in such a way as to make sense to a reader who has no idea of your chosen subject matter.

Thank you

Sheryl – Admin

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If you need to contact the admin of this site for any reason you can always send an email to

admin @ 2sml (dot) info

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