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I am here to share with you all some information about computer setup. I am talking here about computer software‘s which are very efficient in a way that your computer will not be immediately wasted from what you’ve called VIRUS.

First lets talk about the word efficient. When you say that your computer is efficient enough. It means that it really satisfy your need and it really meet your expectation which you will not be disappointed from it.


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An efficient computer:

  • Will not make your mood turn to bad.
  • Will satisfy you from its responds.
  • Will make you proud from its performance.
  • Will make you happy from its capability.
  • Will make you comfortable from using it.
  • Will not make you worry from viruses.

Computer virus programs, now a days are very aggressive.

They have a lot of capabilities which you cant ever imagine. They can get your bank accounts. They can destroy your data and system. They can get your personal information like name, address, phone number, and so on. They are very dangerous in nature.

How Do You Avoid Getting A Computer Virus

To avoid all these viruses and to make your system efficient enough. You need to have a good firewall which will block malicious and unwanted computer virus and malwares. A good Anti-Virus program which will block and will make sure that your computer is safe. To make your computer that much more efficient, you need to have efficient software which will make your system always stay tuned, which will insured that your computer is still on the right track of doing what you expect it to do.

To wrap up all above discussion. In order to have an efficient computer you need to have:

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