Comparing Products For Squidoo Affiliate Marketing

Creating and ranking a Squidoo lens in the search engines isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s not rocket science either. You cannot rank highly for all terms with a Squidoo lens, but you can certainly rank for many other terms and here is some help.

One thing you need to get is traffic, and to that end we want to discuss what is possible with social bookmarking sites. Millions of people still visit the larger bookmarking sites, and their popularity makes it possible to capture a slice of that traffic. All the major sites are pretty smart about detecting certain things, so be forewarned about the dangers of trying to be underhanded.

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You probably know the three or four largest bookmarking sites, and they are the ones we always use because they have great traffic numbers. These sites are no longer dofollow, but you can get traffic which is what you want plus some backlinks from them will not hurt. Believe it or not, but there is value to having outgoing links to Squidoo lenses that are not yours. Is there really any value to this approach with your external links? Well, for one it helps you build up a strong reputation on Squidoo and it makes it easy for you to grow your network.

Hopefully others will begin linking to your lens, but do not worry if they do not.

Backlinking your lens requires the same amount of constant effort as does making sure your on-page SEO is done every time you publish something new. There is a benefit to using Squidoo, and that is all this optimization effort is nowhere near as time-consuming as it is for a website. You have various metrics available to you, and one of them is related to traffic. It is at that page where you can find typical metrics such as the various keywords people surfed up and used to land on your lens.

What is the point of knowing that information? Writing new lens content is a great idea as well as is building a lens off those keywords.

Do not neglect the RSS module with your Squidoo lens, and be sure you become familiar with how to properly set it up. But make sure you’re using your own RSS feed so that if someone clicks one any of your content, they still come back to you. So that will be one more way to get added exposure for your Squidoo lenses. The above article clearly shows that getting your lens ranked high is just a matter of knowing how to handle various elements and bring them together.

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