Choosing the best way for Submitting articles

Submitting Articles

When Submitting articles content should be written in various formats for any business in order to get indexed quickly on the search engines. It is very important to have your written content in the best available format like blog, press release, articles, reviews, etc for any business so that it can be linked on the search engines. Quality content is one which has proper dialect, grammar, notions, etc so that the readers can understand it and link it to their needs.

Article Writing Companies

There are few good companies available providing the article writing service. It is important to choose the best one from the industry in terms of quality content and average rate rather than looking for cheap providers. It is important since timely delivery, quality content and error free content should be the main aim of the writer. There are also various links wherein one can publish free articles online.

freelance article writing

This helps the readers to visit the site and read the article which can be either on general topics or very specific to his interest or choice. The article should be 500 words minimum and maximum it can stretch to 1500 or 2000 words and should not be beyond this limit. Ideally there is no such set rule on number of words in an article but it is good to have it restricted so that the visitor or reader is excited and interested in reading the same.

Some more tips for writing the best articles

High traffic keyword: One should only use high traffic keywords after doing proper research on the business, competitor, and number of hits on same per month. One can also consider creating list of low to moderate competition of the listed keywords.

Relevant article: One should use this targeted keyword to write the best possible article in order to get the best desired result. It should be completely fresh and not be copied from any place not even a single line.

Submit on relevant websites: One should submit the articles on the authorized and well known article directories. The article directory site with good Alexa rank can be the best bet. One has to continuously work on creating a comprehensive list of the article sites so that can post once it is required.

Feeds of articles: One should creatively ping the blog article once it is published on the article submission sites. It helps the search engine crawler to understand the content and gauge the relevancy of the topic or the keyword in the content. This then is linked to the main article written and submitted so that the reader takes benefit of reading the same in more detail. This will surely help in getting tagged on search engine in very short span.

Important notes on submitting articles


It becomes important to just follow some set rules of online article marketing to get an extra mileage out the same. It largely depends on the quality of content and the way it has been placed on the several links. It should be part of each and every online marketing strategy for products or services of the company.

I am freelance writer and involved in writing blogs and articles related to the domain of digital marketing and the various elements of the same. I wrote this article to educate my readers about submitting articles so that they can take advantage of modern means of marketing. To know more about same please feel free to visit their official website.

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